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My Journey Online in Blogging

I had actually started earning money online by selling some of my used stuffs in Ebay since 2005. I just discovered last year that there are many other ways where we can earn online when I was introduced by my online friend from Ebay. She referred me on some money earning sites like paid to click and paid to post like Mylot . This is also the site where I met Sis Red and we became friends since we are members on almost any legit money earning sites that we joined. And from that site, I learn more about other ways where I can earn money through blogging. At first, I have no idea how to do it but with the help of my newly found friends online, I had able to understand it. As you can see from my blog, its entitled My Life and Journey Online because I am not only sharing my life experiences, but I am also sharing my journey on how I earn money online not only for blogging but also in joining contests, give aways and freebies.  I am fond of joining contests  where I won several give a

Me and My Daughter's Favorite Animated Movies of all Time!

Aside from my daughter's favorite educational learning videos and nursery rhymes, she also loves watching her favorite animated movies! And she really enjoys watching it all over again and I also can't resist in watching these movies since I also love it! Here are some of our favorites:  Monsters Inc.  - Well it's not only my daughter' favorite but its one of my top picks also. These monsters really look cute and it has a very good and entertaining story. The best way to describe this movie in one word is:  fun! "Monsters, Inc." is a movie you can easily fall in love with. It has some great fun character, some awesome moments and some well placed comical moments. "Monsters, Inc." is entertainment at its bests. The story itself is pretty simple but thats what makes it easy to follow and so much fun to watch. The movie not only knows how to entertaining but also knows how and when to emote. The combination of fun and emotional things is perfe

My Daughter acts like an Old Mature Woman

I was just amazed how my 2 year & 6 months old daughter grow fast and how she acts like an old mature woman.I think because she was influenced by her surroundings cause she doesn't have some playmates here. All of us are matured ones who lives inside the house. She became responsible and I don't have any problems feeding her because she is not a picky eater. She eats whatever we have on our everyday meal. She also helped me in doing some household chores like sweeping, arranging things, keeping the clothes, putting some trash in the garbage can and many others.  Her daily routine? She loves watching her favorite cartoons in dvd like Mickey Mouse, Goofy and some animated movies like Cars, Monster Inc., G-Force, Shrek, Lion King, Alvin and the Chipmunks etc. And she knows how to turn on the tv, the dvd and how to use the remote control in it. When she's tired of watching it, she wants to play and cuddle with me. She actually wants to go to school so she will get

My Journey Online

I had actually started earning money online by selling some of my used stuffs in ebay since 2005. I had only discovered last year that there are many other ways in earning money online when I was introduced by my online friend from She referred me to paid to click, paid to post and paid to review sites. Right now, I am hooked in earning money through social networking sites. Lately, I am eager to continue working on and updating my blog because I am inspired to see some nice and interesting blogs by some of my online friends who also earned a huge bucks of money through blogging. This blog is like my online diary where I have to update and write what's going on with my life specially in my journey in earning money online. Wish me luck my friends!