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Pet Grooming at Home

For any animal owner, Pet grooming is a necessary chore for them. Not only will this keep your pet in good health, the grooming process could also warn you of potential problems with your pet. In the present economy, many are not able to afford a professional groomer. This doesn't suggest that you can neglect your animal's hygiene. Grooming may be done at home at a small fraction of the price of a professional. You'll need certain tools and other equipment, but they do not need to be expensive. By doing this at home, you can take care of your pet while building a stronger bond with him or her. When grooming your pet, you can watch your animal's hygiene. This process will give you early signs of any problems that may need to be looked after. While working with your pet, you will need to inspect the ears and teeth and clip the nails. Your cat or dog will need to be brushed and washed. Though he may not look as they have been professionally pampered, the health benefits

Chicken Little

  Here's a photo of my daughter who seems not ready yet  in taking a pose together with these chicken Little and their chicken Mamas. ^_^ Check out more of cute and interesting critters only here on

Dog Pedic Bed

To those who are dog lovers who wants only the best for their pets, why do you insist on making them sleep in an uncomfortable position on the couch, on a flimsy pet bed, or a blanket that’s been merely tossed on the floor? Why not provide them with the very best pet bed that will allow them to sleep and awaken in comfort and style? There are actually a dog pedic bed that are made from state of the art memory foam that can help and relieve the pressure from your pet’s joints and will conform to their shape and movements as they sleep. It is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial that doesn't contain any fillers or flame retardants that can be hazardous to your pets. This dog pedic bed is going to last you a long time as it also helps relieve those pressure points on your pet that can make them uncomfortable.So, if you are looking for a great pet bed for your doggy bestfriend, try consider buying the Dog Pedic Bed memory foam bed now.

Cat Nap

Here's a cutie photo of pet cat named Uncle Tom while having his cat nap at the corner table. Linking this photo for Ruby Tuesday

Camera Critters - Colorful Fishes

We went shopping to the mall the other day and I had able to capture a quick shot of this colorful red and yellow fishes at the pet store. Too bad I wasn't able to ask what's the name of this fishes. However, I enjoyed watching them swimming around while the caretaker feeds them.  This is my critter entry for this week only here on 

Camera Critters - Sweet Kitty Couples

Here are our sweet kitty couple pets named Bonsai and Burong resting on our chair.   More of cute, sweet and nice looking critter entries only here on