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Writing Press Releases

It's been almost four years since I've been blogging and I have been so grateful that because of this career, my writing skills has been developed. This has been my stepping stone or shall we call it my background of skills and expertise when I applied for an online job as an article writer.  I'm so thankful that through blogging, I was promoted in another level which is quite different from just sharing your personal experiences, thoughts and opinions. I am now conquering the world of online marketing as well as writing press releases. This is all new to me since I'm not used in writing an informative and more formal type of writing.  As of now my online work is focused on writing press releases. At first, I really find it hard to write, but slowly by slowly, I learned how to effectively write it. Here are some of the things that my employer taught me how to write Press Releases;  Press releases are very popular and as such, everyday thousands of people

Things that I've Learned as an Article Writer

Aside from blogging, I have worked as an article and web content writer from different clients that I found on Odesk. Its only a contractual job but I've learned a lot about different freelance writing techniques . I just want to share to you some of the things that Ive learned from writing articles specially in SEO writing .  Make sure the article being written provides value to the reader.  A keyword for every article will be provided below the title. If someone typed into a search engine the keyword would the post you write answer their question or add value to them in another way.  Google wants to deliver the BEST result so be the BEST . Imagine if a good friend or family member asked or was looking for the information in your target keyword and you wanted to provide them with the best possible information. Search for other content on the web for your target keyword and write an article that is better, more information, easier to read, more enjoyable.  How to O

My New Online Job

This is what keeps me busy this time. I have my new online job and I'm on my second week! First and foremost I thanked God for giving me this wonderful job. Aside from blogging, this is what I'm concentrating right now. My job is not far from blogging since I also write articles. The only difference is that most of the topics and keywords that I write is all about internet marketing. I write it in a professional and informative way with a minimum of 800 words per article.  At first, I find it hard but eventually I was able to adjust how I am going to work it out. The secret is that you just have to follow the instructions carefully and write in your own words what you have understood on the articles, ebooks or videos out from the given instructions. I do my very best and I'm not just working for the sake of money. I put my heart in my job.  I'm also thankful that I have a very kind employer and a good paying job that pays weekly.My minimum income from blogging w