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On the Wishlist of Every Tech Savvy Person

The Apple iPad is probably one of the revolutionary gadget nowadays. It has changed the way we use computers. It has become one of the must-have gadgets. I myself would love to own an iPad because this gadget is a fun tool and cool to have. It’s also stylish and minimalistic.  Its a multimedia device that’s great for video, web browsing and social networking. What I also like about iPad is the battery life since it usually takes 8 to 10 hours of usage. It can be an unnecessary hassle to carry an internet card or USB to connect to the web specially when you are traveling.  If you own an iPad, you no longer have to worry about this as it has the capability to access internet through WiFi connectivity. This iPad feature makes it very appealing to me. I just have to buy an iPad 2 cases for protection from damages. All of these benefits make the Apple iPad a premium tablet PC and is on the wishlist of every tech savvy person like me.

Back to Business

Thanked God after a few months of our business temporary closure due to typhoon Sendong's devastation, we finally re opened our computer shop last Sunday. Some of our computers units was restored and since our loyal customers are eagerly waiting for us to operate again, we decided to go back into business. It is an advantage for us because our competitors hasn't recovered yet. We also gave up the commercial house where we used to rent with in our i-cafe and decided to put up the internet shop here in our house. This means that we can save money on paying for our rent. Thanks to our family and friends who helped us in recovering our computers. It is a big help for us so we could continue our business and earn a daily income from it.

Save Money with Dell Coupons

We thanked God that some of our computers were restored after Typhoon Sendong's devastation. Our computer shop was also flooded when Typhoon Sendong hit our place three months ago. Now that some of our computers are working again, hubby and I are planning to re open and will start to operate our internet shop soon. Were still trying to save money so we could buy more computers. Good thing I was able to find some best deal in buying computers and even laptops online through online coupons. We found the best ones that we need for our internet shop. Thanks to dell coupons that offers the lowest price on dell computers. Now we could get product that we want to buy that can surely save us money. Finding the great deals and finds on coupons is indeed very helpful for frugal people like us. It is a necessity for anyone who wants to buy a new laptop or desktop computer for example. Finding the best deals and coupons online specially with dell computers and laptops is easy

One Tough Computer Virus

Oh Geez! It's been several days where hubby and I are battling on these one tough virus on my laptop. The virus occurred when I transferred some photos from my digital camera's memory card to my laptop. I saved all the photos on drive D where I used to save all my files there. When I was trying to open the photos to resize, I cannot open it anymore. Hubby tried almost all kinds of anti-virus but it didn't work out. We can't just simply reformat it because we don't have a back up files on all our saved photos. Now I really need to have a removable hard disk so we can save our important files. But we are not sure if we were be able to transfer all the files since the problem is from the photos itself. I haven't uploaded the photos yet in Facebook that's why  I find it hard to delete it since we don't have any other back up files in it.  I just hope things will work out fine.  It's really a one tough problem for me. I need all those photos for my blog

Netbook or Notebook?

I remember a few years back when laptop computers was trendy and dominated at that time where it is set for standard for mobile computing. A few years later and as the technology advances from time to time, there's already a lot of new terms who came in. There are notebooks, netbooks and even ultra-mobile PCs. But what's the difference in it? I am one of those who are quite confuse about the difference of this mobile pc's.I'm currently using a laptop from e machines. We still call it a laptop since its quite big yet its slim and handy. But based from its product description, it is called a netbook.  ­ As I was trying to research about it, I  found out that laptop computers, notebooks and netbooks uses the same basic form factor, but  the main different is  their size. In general, those netbook computers are smaller and lighter than notebook computers, which in turn are smaller and lighter than laptops. But there are still some laptops that are too l

My Laptop's Low Battery Life

I purchased this Acer emachine D732Z laptop a few weeks ago because I donated my old BENQ laptop to our church. My old lappy was actually one of the oldest laptop model. It has a battery problem and I can't bring it anywhere. It's so heavy and I can't use it when it is not plugged in an outlet. I was actually looking for a pink notebook which can also be fitted in my bag but my hubby suggested that I should look for the good specs, not just the looks and style...blah!blah! So, he was the one who looked for the best laptop available here in our place since I don't know much about those certain specs. Were also looking for a huge LCD screen, with DVD writer/ROM, huge memory, hard disk and video card. So at last, we finally found the right one.  This Acer emachine D732Z laptop costs P19,995 with free retractable mouse and notebook cooler. We just have to add P500 if we want an installation for the operating system, programs and other applications. Well, my hubby is alre

I Need a Pair of Contact Lenses

I have decided to go to an optometrist hopefully by tomorrow to get a pair of contact lenses. I just can't take having this blurry vision anymore. It's getting worst everyday. Although I have my eyeglasses but I only used it every time I go online. I find it very distracting since I am not used in wearing it anytime. It's such a shame where I can't clearly see people's faces from afar and even those huge words from signboards and printed ads. I need my eyes examined and fitted by an optometrist so I can get my prescription. Perhaps I need a contact lens eye exam where an optometrist will examine the health and vision of my eyes . I hope I can get a trial pair of contact lenses to try out so I could check them for fitting. I need to get a lens that could give me a better vision which will also fit comfortably in my eyes.I hope I could find the perfect pair soon. 

Back in Wearing Eyeglasses

These prescription eyeglasses of mine has been with me for more than 3 years now but I seldom use it. I'm not getting used in wearing eyeglasses because I find it uncomfortable to wear and I am also worried that my daughter might break it. She loves to make fun while playing with me and she loves to try wearing my eyeglasses too when she sees me using it. Gosh! these eyeglasses its quite expensive that's why I just kept it in my closet. I bought these special computer eyeglasses because I used to have a dry, irritated and watery eyes when I stayed for several hours in front of my computer. I always face computers every day. Why? because aside from my personal pc, I am also staying while managing at our server from our internet shop. Not only that, I also roam around and check out our client pc's specially when one of our customers are asking for assistance. I am also the one who does the encoding, editing and other services. For several years that Ive been doing this, my

10 Fun Things I Can Do with a new Lenovo Laptop

I have been wishing for a new lappy since I never owned one ever in my entire life! All I have here is this old BenQ laptop which was given as a gift by my mom's ex-hubby. Just take a look on how old, how ugly and how rusty looking it is. He bought it second hand from his friend and then he gave it to me. So just imagine I am already the third hand user and my mom got divorced for several years now. Geez! It has so many disabilities, flaws, and problems already. How I wish I could have this Lenovo IdeaPad G460 which is one of the first few Core i3 laptops available in the local market today. And if ever I could own this one, I have thought up of so many fun and enjoyable things that I can do with this cool lappy. 1. With its top-notch wifi technology, I can surf the net anywhere! Though Ive been blogging for a year already but I still consider myself as a newbie in blogging because I usually run out of topic to write.  It would be a good idea if I could go out an

Looking for an External Hard Drive

We want to buy an external hard drive because we need it as a backup option for our computer. This is a great choice for us since we have so many programs, installers and files from our computer shop and we know it really helps in backing up our files and data. My hubby was also complaining about the  slow transferring of programs and files since he just network the file from one pc to another. Every time he wants to install a certain game, it took several hours before it will transfer to another computer. That's why we really need to buy an  external hard drive   so it would be easier for my hubby to install new programs specially on games. We will also be no longer be limited in storing a few hundred megabytes or even several gigabytes. We can look forward to a portable and reliable storage capacities ranging into terabytes. We are actually  frustrated on our  desktop computer and  network file server backup job and we think that external drive will work a lot easier f

Looking for a Computer Repair & Data Recovery Service?

Everyone knows that hard drive failures is a depressing thing to deal with especially if you have data on the drive that is valuable and irreplaceable, even more so if the said hard drive has a failure due to a bad firmware. So whether your data was lost because of mechanical failure such as hard drive crash or because of computer virus, accidental deletion or  a natural disaster, why not give your hard drive to a trustworthy company with good reviews such as San Diego Computer Repair and Data Recovery service because they can help you retrieve those deleted or inaccessible data from failed computer hard disk drives. They have performed thousands of successful recoveries over the years in helping out their customers in restoring essential information from all brands of media such as Western Digital, Maxtor, Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate data recovery and more. They also offer free data recovery diagnosis on any hard drive. They will assure high quality because they do have an experienced

Printing Services

Hubby and I went to a local printing service to check out their Christmas promo for Continuous Ink Supply System or (CISS). We actually want to buy a new printer since our old printer cannot print clear text and images anymore. We were glad to know that they are actually selling printers so we decided to buy a new printer from them that already includes CISS installation with tips, instructions and demo from them. Aside from selling printers and CISS, they offer a lot of printing services such as quick printing for brochures, business cards, flyers, booklets and more. They even offer large format printing for banner, billboards, signs, wallpapers etc. I was also amazed on their specialty printing where they can print designs for t shirts, mugs, cards, promotional products and many more. I truly believe you can make a huge amount of money for this kind of business because printing services are needed by all types of businesses. You will also be providing a much needed service to sma

Using Webcam as CCTV

I blogged about buying a CCTV camera a few days ago  for internet shop because it has been burglarized several times by some unknown thieves here in our place. Even before we transferred here, there were already things which had been stolen from us specially on our pc accessories like headset, speaker and mouse. Just the other day, one of our web cams from our client pc's was stolen. We can't trace up who stole it that's why we really need to have a CCTV camera to keep track of the entry and exit of people and to monitor the movements of our customers. We went to our computer supplier and they recommend as using a webcam instead of CCTV. We looked for CCTV cameras and its very expensive. Good thing they informed us and we learned that we can actually use the webcam in recording videos and capturing images to our customers. The cost of CCTV cameras costs a whooping $300. While webcam only costs $10 so we decided to buy 2 pcs. of webcam to test it. The secret

Router Problem

Lately, we are having some problems of our internet connection. We are trying to check out and ping the status of our connection and found out that its not our internet provider's fault but its our router.  My hubby has been trying to fix it and here's what he usually do: 1. Power Reset by unplugging the power to both router and PC 2. While having the power unplugged for a few seconds. 3. Reconnect the power plug and try to connect to the network again 4. If the problem still persists, reset the Router to Factory default settings, usually a small button in back of the router. As of now we are still observing this problem because this may be due to overload use. If it comes back all over again, I think its time for us to buy a new router.

Computer Scraps

Our storage area here in our house is fully loaded with lots of computer scraps since we started upgrading our pc units from our i-cafe. We have lots of computer monitors, cpu's, hard disks and other pc accessories and I really want to dispose all of these things because it's not functional anymore and its already obsolete.  I had been looking for a scrap dealer here in our place but I haven't seen yet. Although junk shops buys these scraps but they just have to weigh it and the price will depend on the weight. I asked for the price and its too cheap. Well, I  I  better look and ask for my friends here to help me find a scrap buyer. I really want to get rid on all of these computer junks here.

Do You Want to Have an iPad?

I admit that I am actually one of those people who really wants to have an iPad. And since I can't afford to buy it, I am just trying my luck in joining online blog contest and Facebook contest. And to be honest, I'm not even familiar with this gadget. Maybe I'm just trying to go with the flow on what's the latest and hottest gadget in town where people would love to have it.  However, I am still curious enough to know and to try  using its features and applications. The iPad is where Apple wants computing to go. It is focused, elegant, and simple. It challenges us to rethink our assumptions of what it means to use a computer and what it takes to be productive with them. I think the iPad isn't for dumb people, it is for people who wants to try something new. How about you? Are you one of us who also wants to have an iPad?

Looking for a Professional VPN Hosting Provider?

As we all know, A VPN supplies a network connectivity over a possibly long physical distance where it enables file sharing, video conferencing and similar network services. It has the ability to work over both private networks as well as public networks like the Internet. When you have a VPN account, it allows you to surf the internet anonymously and safely and bypass proxy servers and filters imposed by your ISP, office or school. If you are looking for a professional VPN hosting provider, you can Buy VPN accounts as it offers the fastest VPN connections in having a dedicated server with multiple gigabit backbone connections. They offer you full broadband experience where you can maximize your bandwidth so you can surf the web anonymously full speed. By using a secure and anonymous connection through their servers, you can get full internet access in places that censor or block your connection and full protection at open Wifi hotspots.

Computer Cloning

A friend of mine asked me if we are using a computer cloning software for our i-cafe pc units. I told him we don't use it. I even wonder what is that software all about since my hubby just use to install software and program manually on each pc's. He told us that computer cloning or ghosting is a process that involves setting up the operating system, drivers, software, and patches on a single computer, then automatically replicating this same setup on other computers using specialized software. I think cloning is helpful for i-cafe operators like us because no matter what software we use, cloning allows to efficiently set up multiple computers, and can be done at any organization where we want to ensure that every workstation is configured the same way and with the same software.

Cleaning the Unit Fan of our Pc

The most important component of a computer's hardware system is its fan. And when this thing gets clogged with dirt and dust, it can slow down our computer's performance. We experienced that here in our shop where some of our pc's run slowly and sometimes it freezes. My hubby will immediately check out the cpu if its already full of dust. He will use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. A dirty fan doesn't rotate fast enough to keep that motor cool and a completely clogged fan just stops rotating altogether. That's why it is important that we have to clean it because the pc fan is responsible for keeping a computer's motor cool and this motor is what keeps the computer's hard drive and peripherals functioning the way it used to be. 

Your One-Stop Source for Printer Solutions

For business owners like us specially on our field of internet and computer service, printers is a very helpful tool in providing data solutions for our customers. We are glad that we found which is an online leading resource for barcode labels , receipt printer, label printer where they we have assembled the leading products from top vendors for our one-stop resource for printer solutions. They also offer media labels, ribbons, as well as label printing software and much more. If you looking  also looking for barcoding, mobile computing, wireless data, Point-Of-Sale and security, you came to the right place at where they provides a full spectrum of solutions ranging from a single piece of hardware to a various solution consisting of hardware, software and professional services.