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Looking for the Best Window Shades for your Home?

If you find it hard to choose what is the best windows shades for your home, I suggest you use blinds because it is very much in demand this time. Most household would prefer using blinds rather than the conventional thick curtains because there are many benefits in using blinds and shades. One of those is the easy to clean feature of the blinds. Blinds do not need to be washed in order for it to be cleaned. You can simply wipe it with cloth to remove the dusts. Curtain blinds shades also has a very simple construction that is why it is so easy to regulate them. What I also like about window curtain blinds is that they are functional, beautiful and universal in application. These blinds are excellently combined with any interior with comfort and coziness. So if you want your house to look rich, you should pick curtains blinds  because it considerable for the interior. After all the style of the house, its spirit is created exactly by textile and accessories.

Restoring the Beauty of an Art Glass

I'm so fascinated with the beauty of an art glass because of its special form of art which is intricate and flowing. I would love to put it as my special piece and fine decor which will surely bring an elegance and style to our new home.  Did you know that many people choose to add glass sculptures to their art collections? Unfortunately, the very nature of glass sculpture makes it a fragile thing. However, we can find a skilled restoration and repair specialist since they can produce restorations to these special pieces of art. Using their unique skills, they can fix broken art glass to the point that the repair is undetectable as their art glass repairs and restoration focus only on restoring the piece without influencing or changing it. Finding a truly unique piece is a bit like finding a treasure. So, if you do find that unique glass sculpture and it’s damaged, consider using art glass repair to bring that piece back to life.

Christmas is Here!

Yes it really is! We could see lots of Christmas decors and stuffs with all those Holiday Sales from shopping malls and stores. I actually went to our local shopping mall here on SM Cagayan de Oro and I saw this nice red sofa surrounded with huge Christmas trees. I want to sit on this on this sofa and make a pose but since I am alone, nobody will take a shot on me. I'm quite intimidated if I'm gonna ask a favor from someone I don't know. lol! I'm linking this entry for Ruby Tuesday

Save Money for Your Bathroom Remodeling Online

Have you recently made the decision to remodel your bathroom? Whether you would like to remodel every inch of your bathroom or just a small portion of it, you will need to buy supplies. The supplies needed will all depend on the remodeling project you need to complete. For instance, if you are looking to have your bathtub replaced, you will need to order a new bathtub. Whether you need a bathtub, new flooring, or even new bathroom cabinets, have you decided where you would like to shop yet? If you are like many other home owners, you may be wondering whether or not you should buy your bathroom remodeling supplies online. If you are shopping on a budget, it is best to look for online retailers that offer shipping discounts for their bathroom remodeling materials, supplies, and fixtures. If you are able to find one of these discounts, you could, without a doubt, benefit from doing your shopping online.

White Bedroom Furniture

People who choose to buy white bedroom furniture simply loves the color it represents. We all know that white is linked in our culture to cleanliness, innocence and peace. An all-white bedroom is indeed a sanctuary and indulges of our fantasies of floating away to sleep on fluffy white clouds. Perhaps you want to buy a white bedroom furniture because you want to create an all-white room, then you would probably plan to accessorize the room with white bed linen, crisp white cushions and even a  white bedside table . Rather than ending up with a room that's a completely uniform color, you will end up with a whole palette of whites. Some people love the subtle contrasts involved, while others drive themselves crazy trying to find the perfect match for everything. Selecting furniture pieces for a white bedroom is a fun and challenging task. You have to explore the possibilities of making the color white an attractive focal point for your entire design. The furniture pieces such as

The Beauty of Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting is absolutely a wonderful alternative to the more popular ceiling light fixtures. Not only do pendants welcome s an additional lighting to your home, they also add  an extraordinary beauty because of their decorative details.  When pendant lights are dimmed, they resemble a soft spotlight that casts a romantic glow in the space which enhance the overall beauty of the fixture and surrounding decor. Have you ever noticed that fancy restaurants feature dimmed lights often from pendants? It's because of the ambiance they create. It makes the perfect complement to any decor and interior design whether you are looking to bring a sense of regal sophistication, style, or function to your kitchen, dining room or living room.  As with any lighting fixtures, it is important that the pendant lights complement and accentuate the surrounding decor and existing lighting for a unified look.

Cake Decorating

                                   ( actual photos of cake made by my friend's sister ) I recently saw some of the cake photos made by my friend's sister and I was totally amazed on how beautiful the cakes she made. I just found out that she is earning big time just by baking cake and decorate it according to her customer's request. She have that God given talent and skills and I am proud of her because I know that cake decorating takes a lot of practice and patience to be able make it perfectly. If you are interested in cake decorating, there are many ways to learn how to do this properly. You may want to make a few cakes in your spare time and this is one of the only ways to really practice. You may have many ideas in your head, but implementing these ideas may be harder than you think, and this is where practice and patience may help you improve your skills. Cake Decorating is a great hobby and this can also gives  you a profit on the side. Once you become good at d

The Beauty of Wall Scones

Wall sconces are actually one of the hottest accessories in today’s home decorating arena. They are popular for several reasons, why? because they add an immediate interest to your wall and they also offer an alternative lighting source. Wall scones provide indirect lighting which is beneficial to home. If the scones are placed correctly in the room or outside the home, it enhances the decor. You can find interesting variety of Wall Scones available today which gives you the opportunity to create a whole decorating scheme around the great indoor lightning you’ll ever discover. Wall sconces are so easy to use and anyone can add them to their home decor with success so go ahead and get in on the excitement of adding interest and beauty to your home today with your own selection of wall sconces!

Add Limoges Boxes and Figurines to Your Collection

Limoges porcelain is the finest hard-paste porcelain in the world and when decorated can become one of the most beautiful forms of art expression. Collecting hand painted Limoges Boxes and Limoges figurines as a hobby or as an investment can prove to be very rewarding for art lovers and miniature lovers who finds these Limoges porcelain boxes just delightful to look at. These fine white porcelain boxes with their magnificent hand-painting and metal work have long been sought after by collectors worldwide. Collectible Limoges boxes and figurines are also a perfect special gift ideas to celebrate special events. You can find a great deal of these tiny works of art that are exquisitely crafted with very fine details. They are often of heirloom quality, made of the highest quality of porcelain that will ensure many years of keepsake memories. Collectors who have eclectic tastes and a broad appreciation of beauty will find many superb pieces of Limoges Boxes only from the Limoges F

Looking for a Vintage Wall Clock

My daughter never gets tired of watching a video on one of her favorite nursery rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dock". She just love to watch those grandfather's clock where the mouse rans up on the clock. There was one time when we went to the mall, she saw some modern clocks displayed for sale and she asked me "Where's the tall and big clock Mom?". I am also fascinated on how beautiful this kind of vintage clock is and I know my daughter would love to see the real grandfather's clock that's why I had been looking for this kind of vintage wall clocks available here in our place. This antique clock would truly bring a touch of timeless beauty to our home. They can be cherished for ages and are a true value for an elegant look to any room that complete and finished elegance that I am sure our family will love. Whether you are a collector of fine vintage clocks or if you just want a nice vintage clock to add flavor to your home decor, this kind of clock wil