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Find Another Way to Earn Money

If you're one of Sheriff's blogger, I know you will also received a message were they will be giving preferential treatment to blogs on static IP or Dedicated IP. It means that each blog should have its own static IP and to get this, you need to have separate hosting and dedicated IP for each blog under them.  I am under Mommy Rubz hosting and I need to get SSL with one time payment of $50 and then a static IP at $3 a month. I have 9 blogs under Sheriff so meaning I need to get 9 different hosting for each waaaaaaah! Poor me :( I can't even afford to renew all my domains huhuhu! We are really financially broke this time since all of our computers from our internet cafe got damaged from Typhoon Sendong and now that I can't rely much on blogging since I can only get few opportunities online, (aside from that fact that all of my PR 2 blogs went down due to un-updated blog posts), I better find another way to earn money to supply our daily needs.

More Blogs, More Blessings!

We all know how Payu2blog has been a good company to write for that's why many bloggers really love Sheriff and I'm also thankful that I am one of those happy payu2-blogger right now. ^_^ As of now I have 3 blogs  added in their system. The first one took me around 6 months before it was finally approved while the other 2 just took me a few days. I did not even know about the blogging guideline where a blogger can only add 1 blog a month up to the limit of 12 blogs. I was just trying perhaps, by chance  because I believe that it follows the rules and agreement in order to get approved. And surprisingly, Margie immediately approved my 2 blogs since it's kind of between February and March that's why she added both today.  I am once again thankful to God for His great favor and overflowing blessings that He continue to shower me this year. This is indeed the Year of the Lord's favor for me specially for my blogging career. As of now I am managing 6 blogs and I am

Enjoy & Make Money with PostNjoy

I was enticed to join this new social marketing platform called PostNjoy when I saw Mommy Seth of Sweet as Candy 's first payment proof that she posted on her blog. PostNjoy connects advertisers with bloggers who have their own blog. Advertisers can put an ad effectively and bloggers can make money by writing opinion for the ad. This is a great opportunity for us bloggers because we can make money simply by reviewing and promoting advertiser’s product and services. We can also enjoy the benefits as bloggers because it can help us get a higher search engine rankings and direct traffic from a highly targeted audience. PostNjoy will help us reach our ultimate goal of earning money from our blog. As they connect us with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring our blog. So why don't your try it out now and also enjoy making money with PostNjoy!

How Do You Manage Your Multiple Blogs?

Did you know that I already have a total of 6 blogs? Whoa! I can't even believe myself that I already have so many blogs. That's what keeping me busy these days. Ive been crazy in adding more blogs lately. As I am looking forward for this year with hope and anticipation, one of my major goals, of course, is to make more money. I definitely enjoy making money and anything I can do to bump up our family's income will definitely get my attention and due consideration. I have 3 old blogs and 3 newly added ones. My Life and My Journey Online - This is my main blog which will remain forever here in blogspot. I don't want to lose its PR4 rank so it will remain as is here and it will continue to accept paid opportunities from other paid to blog companies.  My Daily Notes - my self-hosted Wordpress blog which was recently approved by Sheriff Table for Five - my food and culture blog, recently on process of propagation and migration from Blogger to Wordpress. Fashiona

My Blog Finally Got Approved by Sheriff!

Thanked God that after several months of waiting, my blog finally got approved by Sheriff. Ive been waiting for this opportunity for 6 long months! Whoa! You may be wondering why it took me that long. Well, when Mommy Rubz told me that in order for my blog to get approved at Payu2blog, I need to have a self-hosted blog with Wordpress platform and it needs to be at least 3 months old.  And since My Daily Notes blog that I won from her give away was still a new blog, I continue writing some posts there until it reaches 90 days old. And from that time, I submitted my URL to Payu's site. That took me another 3 months of waiting to get my blog approved by Sheriff. I was surprised when I received an email last week from someone named Margie, saying that my blog has been approved! Woohoo! She asked me to send my contact details and paypal account email. She also said that I will receive a follow up e-mail within 5 business days with detailed instructions on how to use their system and

My Payment Proofs from Paid Opps

I greatly thanked God for all the blessings He had given me these days specially on all those successive payments that I recently received from Paid to Blog sites that Ive joined. I consider these as my Christmas Bonus! Yippee! Now I can buy some special gifts for my loved ones, for my extended family , for my godchildren and for our fellow church members. I am happy and contended of what I have right now. So this time, I want to share my blessings to others. That's what Christmas is all about right? ^_^  Anyway, here are my payment proofs:  5th payment from Blogsvertise 10th payment from Inpostlinks My one time payment from Sponsored Reviews  My first and last payment from Social Spark V1

My First and Last Payment from Social Spark V1

My special thanks to Mommy Kat of Mom’s Place because if not with her post about her payment received from Social Spark V1, I would not be able to cash out my earnings too. I never know that SocialSpark v1 has officially been retired and it was replaced by the new SocialSpark v2. I'm glad that Social Spark V1 has been releasing funds to all their members, even if the earnings did not reach the minimum payout amount which is $50.00. I have $32.50 in my account so I immediately sent a message to their customer support yesterday requesting for my cash out and voila! I received it today. Wow! that was fast! It was actually my first and my last payment. I only receive few opportunities that's why it took me months to earn some money from them. Well, I hope that the new version of Social Spark will offer more paid opportunities for me. :) Thanks again Mommy Kat for the info and to Social Spark!

I'm Starting to Like Wordpress

I just had a successful transfer yesterday from my other blog My Daily Notes to a self-hosted Wordpress blog. It is my domain blog which was hosted here in Blogspot. The migration process took around 72 hours but it was worth the wait. Right now I really need a Beginners Guide for WordPress since I want to learn how WordPress works from the most basic instructions to the more complicated. I hope you could also help me out guys specially to those who are already using this kind of blogging platform. I hope you could share your advice to help beginners like me to understand how to use WordPress.  I just made a few posts there and I was so surprised that  I already  received a lot of  heartwarming comments and compliments from my visitors. I noticed that most of them are from Wordpress. They all love my blog and my posts. They even want me to write some more. Wow! I can't believe that I do have a good writing skills.. hahaha! There are some potential direct advertisers too who wants

Moving to a Wordpress Self-Hosted Blog

If you have been trying to visit my other blog My Daily Notes , you can't access it this time and you will see an error appears on my blog because I am now moving to a new home. I'm sorry guys if I wasn't able to inform you. It was a fast decision I made. Now I am moving to a Wordpress self-hosted blog.  Thanks to Mommy Rubz who did migration process from my blogspot blog to WordPress. The propagation time will take up to 72 hours so please bear with me my friends. This is for the betterment of my blog and also hoping to get approved by Sheriff soon. ^_^

Problems on Paid to Blog Sites Ive Joined

My blog was approved by SponsoredReviews a few months ago and I already made several paid posts from advertisers who wants to review and promote their products and services. I have been waiting for my payment for more than 5 months now and I still did not receive any single payment from them. I already sent a support ticket asking them when it will be cashed out because Ive waited for several weeks during its releasing of payment. From what Ive understood on their payment release, they pay every 2 weeks or on a bi-weekly basis for reviews completed in that 2 week period. They said that I will be paid within 14 days of submitting the completed review URL. Judy, one of the customer service staff replied to my message and said that she is not sure why I haven't received any payment. Before payment is issued all completed reviews must be live. They are all redirecting this and she said that it must be corrected immediately. I sent another message to follow up on my inquiry and Judy

SponsoredReviews Payment Problem

I signed up on SponsoredReviews a few months ago and I already made several paid posts from advertisers who wants to review and promote their products and services. I have $25.00 current earnings in my account and I have been waiting for this payment for more than 2 months now and I still did not receive it through my Paypal account. I already sent a support ticket asking them when it will be cashed out because I waited for several weeks during its releasing of payment. From what I understood on their payment release, they pay every 2 weeks or on a bi-weekly basis for reviews completed in that 2 week period. They said that I will be paid within 14 days of submitting the completed review URL. Judy, one of the customer service staff replied to my message and said that she is not sure why I haven't received payment. Before payment is issued all completed reviews must be live. They are all redirecting this and she said that it must be corrected immediately. Well, I just hope that

Thankful for My Direct Advertisers

While most of my blogger friends here are loaded with lots of paid opps and busy in writing reviews so they make it for the deadline, I am one of the bloggers who doesn't have much paid opportunity available since I'm still waiting for my blog to get approved from Sheriff . However, I am still thankful that there are some direct advertisers who wants to buy a sponsored post from me. I feel so happy and proud of myself because even if I am not a good blogger and writer, they are still interested to advertise and promote their product on my blog. What I love about direct advertising is that I can set my own rate and I can utilize variable pricing to fit for these specific advertiser. I also have a direct contact with my advertisers and this would  help increase the likelihood of having long-term relationships and arrangements with them. While some advertising  brokers only allows to receive payment once a month, with direct advertising, it allows us to determine how we want to g

I Signed Up For SocialSpark!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA . All opinions are 100% mine. I asked some information from my fellow mommy blogger about SocialSpark when I saw her posts and product reviews made. She told me that SocialSpark gives us an opportunity to earn money online just by reviewing some products and blog about it. She had been payed several times that's why I did not hesitate to signed up too. Registration is fast and easy because it only took me less than 15 minutes to complete the whole process. Reviewing products not only gives us the opportunity to earn money online but is also one way of telling  our readers to try things that are new to them which in return will give them satisfaction or may even make their lives easier and better. Just like any other blogger, I am interested in reviewing products if I believe in it only. Product review is easy ,only if you take it seriously and without any hesitation about it for being a good one. Even if there are a nu

Get Paid to Blog and Receive Payment in EURO!

I saw this blog posted and shared in Facebook by Mommy Pehpot and I am glad to see her payment proof from this Paid to Blog site named Ebuzzing where it allows bloggers to monetize their blog and money by blogging in support of campaigns initiated by their advertisers. When you sign up, just submit your blog and wait for their approval. I signed up yesterday but I am still having some problems in signing up because I can't find the number of page views per month from my blog, the amount of pages views per month and the number of readers registered to my RSS feed. If you know where to find it, could you please help me my friends? Thanks! By the way, the minimum payment for an article is 10€.You can also use ebuzzing direct and set your own price at which you will write articles. You will be paid by the 15th of the month. You will have from the first business day of the month up until the 14th of the same month to request payment When your article is validated by ebuzzing, th

My Journey Online in Blogging

I had actually started earning money online by selling some of my used stuffs in Ebay since 2005. I just discovered last year that there are many other ways where we can earn online when I was introduced by my online friend from Ebay. She referred me on some money earning sites like paid to click and paid to post like Mylot . This is also the site where I met Sis Red and we became friends since we are members on almost any legit money earning sites that we joined. And from that site, I learn more about other ways where I can earn money through blogging. At first, I have no idea how to do it but with the help of my newly found friends online, I had able to understand it. As you can see from my blog, its entitled My Life and Journey Online because I am not only sharing my life experiences, but I am also sharing my journey on how I earn money online not only for blogging but also in joining contests, give aways and freebies.  I am fond of joining contests  where I won several give a

Get Paid by Having an Advertiser in your Blog

I was doing my blog hop today when I saw a blog post from Sis Levy about this site where we can get paid for extra space in our own blog. She is referring to Ask2link where she had been paid 14 times already! That's why I am enticed to join to earn money from this site too. Ask2link is an Internet advertising company that allows bloggers like us to monetize extra spaces in our websites and blogs. Their mission is to provide an easy-to-use turn key solution for monetizing our blog through advertising. Here are some Benefits we can get as publishers: Easily monetize extra space (such as header, footer, or sidebar) of our website Get our paychecks through PayPal every month. Minimum payment is only $10.00 We can set our own prices. To be able to get an advertiser, we need to have a good alexa ranking and high page rank blog.  Monetizing our blogs and start to generate extra income has never been easy like this so why not join now too!

List of Paid to Blog Sites

I desperately want to earn money through blogging that's why I keep on asking some of my fellow Mommy bloggers here who are earning  huge moolahs every month. I'm glad that Mommy Rubz of Pinay Mommy Online referred me and shared her Comprehensive List of Paid to Blog Companies where she has already been paid. I am already a member on some of this paid opps site but I only receive few offers. I will also try some of these paid to blog sites and let's see if I could also earn from them. Here are her lists: And if you decide to join, Mommy Rubz may receive a small incentive while other companies don’t give any. • PayU2Blog -  If you want to be accepted sa PayU2Blog, you need to have a domain running at wordpress self hosted.  • Blogsvertise   • Sponsored Reviews   • Pay Per Post   • Social Spark   • Blog To Profit   (please use: ruby(at) as your referral email, replace (at) with @) • iHype   • Smorty   • Link Worth • Loud

New Paid Opps Site

Here's a new paid opportunity site I found where we can earn money from our blog doing legitimate reviews, survey or opinions of the goods and services offered by advertisers. Paid reviews are currently the fastest and most accessible way of blog monetization and allowing us to get revenue very quickly.  I just signed up today and I am waiting for my blogs approval  and hopefully once it is approved, I could start writing some reviews and also hoping to get paid soon.

Submit your Blog for a Chance to Win $100!

I had submitted my blog on this interesting site, Blogerzoom where they can assist blogger and site owner with targeted advertising and increased exposure.Their features are sure to put our blog/site in the spotlight. The benefits are increased visitors, readers, Google pagerank, better search engine position and generate earnings. They also provide the following: Pixel Advertising Article Marketing Low Cost Advertising Search Engine Optimization Blogging Tips and Tricks Affiliate Marketing Google Adwords Press Release Connect To Networking  and Bookmarking Badge Advertising Rapidly Publicize in all networks Banner Advertising Link Exchange 100% Traffic Provider A website owner who has submitted their blog/site will get the benefit to earn up to 100$ . You dont have to play a game or buy a ticket all you have to do is submit your blog/site and include your name in their customer list to get the benefit of winning up to 100$. So what are you waiting for? Submit yo

Create a Blog Post for a Chance to Win $100!

Are you one of those people who can make something interesting and creative out of something ordinary? Putting that talent to the test is the key to WINNING this contest! The winning blog post writer for this contest will win US$100, simply for sharing the most creative idea for making something using simple supplies, or a creative use for a simple office supply on its own. Just by entering this contest you will also be improving your own blog by giving your readers an interesting post that they can reply to with their own creative ideas. Winner will be announced the first week of July, 2010 and the winner will be contacted by email for  Western Union instructions for the prize!  So what are you waiting for my fellow bloggers, Let us share our best creative idea for using an office supply for a chance to win this awesome prize!