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Stylish Reusable Bags

The new trend in shopping tote bags evolved from the growing awareness on fashion trend and concern for the environment. The use of shopping tote bags have become functional and fashionable. These bags are designed to be used for any occasions and they are more convenient and cheaper in the long run.  It's style and functionality are possible with stylish reusable bags and with the help of unique collaboration of those urban artists, the reusable bags is sure to have you shopping in style. It is now time to make the change and get in sync with fashion and nature!

Diseases caused by Air Pollution

Environmentalists have long lobbied to take the necessary steps to limit or eradicate air pollution in our society. And they have good reason for their efforts; while many Americans may not see pollution as a threat to their health or everyday lives, it’s the cause of many health problems or diseases. Air pollution is the contamination of the air by chemicals, biological materials, or particulate matter. Air pollutants can come from natural causes, such as a volcanic eruption that emits ash. However, pollutants from man-made sources are much more common, including the carbon monoxide gas from a vehicle’s exhaust or sulfur dioxide emanating from factories. Although not directly caused by pollution, asthma is significantly worsened by high levels of pollutants. Sulfur dioxide, for instance, can cause constriction of airways in the lungs. This constriction makes it more difficult to breathe and can trigger a dangerous asthma attack. Asthma attacks set off by pollutants