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Earn Money by Playing Easy Games

Game lovers like my hubby would probably love it. He's been so addicted in playing online games but he did not earn anything from it. Good thing I recently stumbled upon this site where we can earn money with games . Isn't that interesting? I know my hubby would be interested to play and earn money from this site. I actually signed up a while ago and I saw all the flash games listed and its really fun and easy to play with. So, why not check out the site now and start earning money while having some fun playing with your favorite easy game!

Get Paid by Having an Advertiser in your Blog

I was doing my blog hop today when I saw a blog post from Sis Levy about this site where we can get paid for extra space in our own blog. She is referring to Ask2link where she had been paid 14 times already! That's why I am enticed to join to earn money from this site too. Ask2link is an Internet advertising company that allows bloggers like us to monetize extra spaces in our websites and blogs. Their mission is to provide an easy-to-use turn key solution for monetizing our blog through advertising. Here are some Benefits we can get as publishers: Easily monetize extra space (such as header, footer, or sidebar) of our website Get our paychecks through PayPal every month. Minimum payment is only $10.00 We can set our own prices. To be able to get an advertiser, we need to have a good alexa ranking and high page rank blog.  Monetizing our blogs and start to generate extra income has never been easy like this so why not join now too!

Earn Money Just By Liking FanPages in Facebook

I was doing by blog hop today when I came across Sis Bambie's blog post where we can earn money just by liking FanPages in Facebook. I find it easier to signed up on this site because I just connect it using my facebook account. The site is called Loaded Nachos and its a website where you can get paid just to become a fan of Facebook pages. Facebook page owners can get more fans for just pennies each. It's the web's only open market for Facebook fans! No tricks. No gimmicks. Just good old American commerce at its best. With the site, you get to earn in 3 ways: by clicking the "LIKE" button or liking a page, referring friends or by winning a random prize that the side hides in one of their pages every week. Minimum Payout $5.00 and you will get paid through PayPal. Hope you could also check it out my friends...

My Fan Signs from Different Websites

I have some fan sign photos here from the websites where I used to be a member with until today. All of them are actually paid to do tasks where I got paid to do it. Aside from that, I really enjoyed taking my own photos using their fan signs too. This is my recent winning photo entry from Ganda Ever So Much where I won some freebies and give aways. Kuya Orms actually had another contest going on so If you want to join, you can check out his blog. This is also my recent fan sign photo from PayMeSocial . I got paid just by uploading a verified photo like this. PayMeSocial by the way is a social paying site where we got paid by writing a blog, uploading photos and videos, referring friends etc. Their minimum payout is $3 and they pay through Alertpay. Interested to join? Just Click this link and don't forget to write my name "KAYCE" as your referrer.Thanks! This one is from one of the tasks of  Microworkers where I followed the instructions given on this certain t

Looking for a Video Uploader Assistant

I saw this post from Pinoy Deal and I am reposting this one here in my blog. I will also try this job and I am also sharing this opportunity to all of you my dear friends. They are looking for a video uploading assistant to take their video content and upload it to a YouTube-like service. We will be paid for every video successfully uploaded to the site. Pay is on a scale, so if we upload more videos our rate will go up. The employee must be able to know how to download files from FTPs, title and tag videos, and have a high speed Internet connection. Instructions will be given on how to use the interface. A love for video games is a major plus. You'll also get first access to their library of video game trailers and hands-on movies! Please e-mail with "Video Uploading Assistant" in the subject line to apply. 

What will you do for $10?

I found this intriguing freelance marketplace website called Tenyt . Their services offered by sellers on tenyt are referred to as twigs. Prices of twigs are fixed at a constant $10. These are some sample shot of services offered by members How we sell our services to Tenyt? * Start selling on tenyt by listing your first twig. * Once you list the twig it would be available to the buyers. * Once a buyer orders your twig, you would be requested to accept or reject the order within 24 hours. * Once you accept the order the order is marked as in progress and a message board is opened to aid communication and sharing of files with the buyer. * Once the order is completed the buyer is given 24 hours to review the order and leave a feedback. * You are then requested to leave a feedback about the buyer. * Once you leave the feedback the order is marked as completed. * After a safety period of 14 days from the date of payment by buyer your account is credited with $8. * You can request a

A Thousand Dollars Payment Received from a Pinay at Neobux

I was just amazed how this fellow Pinay blogger earn a huge bucks in PTC sites like Neobux. She's really good in referring people that's why she had made this time a Thousand Dollars in Neobux alone.  Here are some of her neobux tips and tricks: Keep on clicking daily. Never miss it. Get direct referrals. Getting referrals is easy if you advertise your neobux referral link everywhere in the internet. The best sites where I get my referrals are at sulit , usfreeads , facebook , twitter , mylot , forums , peoplestring , easyhits4u , and a lot more. Upgrade to golden then eventually to ultimate. You will get all the benefits and perks if you are an ultimate member. You may need to invest some money but its worth it. You will get your money back 200% or even more in a couple of months. Rent referrals and always extend to 90 days. Another investment you need to make if you are really serious making money at neobux. Her site How a Pinay Makes Money Online is all a

FashionPlaytes Girls Custom Clothing

FashionPlaytes girls custom clothing is the clothing design studio for girls 5-12 where they can design and order clothes that get shipped right to their doorstep! Girls can can create a custom design in minutes: - They first choose an item from our collection of t-shirts, hoodies, dresses and more. - Next they add embellishments like ribbon, ruffles, sequins and rhinestones. - At the end, they design a custom label for their new fashion collection! With prices starting at under $20, it’s a great way to build her wardrobe for spring. sponsored like karen chayne sanchez's profile on MyLikes

Be a Fan of Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt & Get a Chance to Win a Blackberry Phone!

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt is a nutritious food that contains live microorganism which protects digestive tract. I just love the yummy strawberry flavor! And this time they will not only make us healthy but they will also give us a chance to win a gadget, A Blackberry Storm 2 9550! So log in to your Facebook account Now and Be a Fan of Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt Promo ends until April 16,2010. For Philippine Residents Only.

Read & Rate Interesting Articles to Earn Money!

Yes you read it right. I had been a member of this site called Readbud a few days ago and I already earned $5. It's easy to earn money from this site. You just have to Check for available Articles, then read and rate them to earn: You should frequently - at least daily, check articles available for your attention. This is how you can earn money using the Readbud service. It is an Excellent earning potential for: • Website owners who wish to capitalize from their website • Bloggers, regardless of topic covered • Forum/message board owners and users alike • Social network members with plenty of connections If you reach the minimum payment which is $50, you can request your payout through Paypal. JOIN NOW!

Another Payment Received from my Paid to do Task Online Site

I received my 2nd payment from Microworkers yesterday worth $12. I am actually enjoying the site while earning money there. The tasks are so easy to do as long as you follow the instructions carefully, then your task will be rated satisfied and you will get paid. With Microworkers , you can — Browse micro jobs — Select jobs you like — Finish tasks & submit proof — Earn money — $1.00 Sign up bonus

Back in Earning Money from my Facebook Account

Its been awhile since I haven't checked back and do some task online from CloudCrowd in my Facebook account. CloudCrowd also works like Microworkers but the payment is faster here because you will receive your payment the next day.  I was doing some tasks yesterday where I have make a review on the site and categorized it if its a rental business or not. And then I received my payment today. Its not a huge payment though, But hey! if you are looking for a fast and real payment straight from your Paypal account, then you must give a try and simply enjoying doing some tasks from CloudCrowd .  Here's another update of my payment received from CloudCrowd  today, January 17,2010. 

My Payment Received for Winning My Phone Review Contest in Mypage5

I am so glad that I finally received my 1st prize payment worth $5 for winning my Mobile Phone review of Nokia 6500 in favorite social paying networking site, MyPage5 . The admin of the site recently announced that from time to time we have to check our paypal account so we can claim our payments for the minimum payout and other bonuses he had given just like what I had received for the mobile phone review. This 15th, I am expecting for my 4th payout from the site also worth $25. I am so glad cause this has been a great start of a new year for me with lots of good earnings and bonuses I will be receiving online.    

Another Fun & Exciting Way To Earn Money Online!

I just found a site which is fun and easy way to share and discuss your likes and discover new ones with people you know. It works like facebook and twitter where you can socialize with your friends and post what you are doing right now. You can even promote or share your referral links to other members! The site offers a contest where you just have to post your favorite gadgets, movies, books ,Top 10 Fashion Brands, Must See TV shows and many others. Those who have the best list will win instant $15 to $25! This is yet another fun and exciting way to earn money online! Here’s my link to the site: Hope to See You There!