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I would like to Meet These Fellow Bloggers in Person ;-)

I really want to meet some of my fellow bloggers here in person. And since most of them came from different parts of the country and even from around the world, I just want to meet some of my blogger friends who are residing here in Cagayan de Oro City. So here they are... I want to meet Ate Grace who is the author of A Walk to Remember , Gracia Fashionista and Amazing Grace . Sis Phebie of Loves Haven Sis Allysa Jae of God Brought Me Here for a Reason Sis Joahna of What's Inside Joahna's Heart Ate Carms of Carms Page I hope we could see each other in person. Anyway, to other CDO bloggers who wants to add me  and make friends with me, I am just a Facebook away if you want to meet me too... hehehe!   Thanks! Karen Chayne Sanchez Create Your Badge

My Photo Gallery: A Peace Sign!

Our Family just love taking a pose using a Peace or V sign hand gesture. I think it is also common to some people who loves making a pose using this kind of hand gesture. According to Wikipedia , The V sign is a hand gesture in which the first and second fingers are raised and parted, whilst the remaining fingers are clenched. During World War II, Winston Churchill popularized its use as a "Victory" sign (for V as in victory) initially with palm inwards and later in the war palm outwards. In the United States, with the palm outwards, and more recently, occasionally inward as well, it is also used to mean "Peace", a meaning that became popular during the peace movement of the 1960s.  In modern-day United Kingdom, the palm-outward gesture is understood to mean "peace" (often associated with hippie culture), or sometimes "victory", while the palm-inward gesture, often accompanied by an upwards flicking motion, is an offensive, insulting gesture o

Back in Earning Money from my Facebook Account

Its been awhile since I haven't checked back and do some task online from CloudCrowd in my Facebook account. CloudCrowd also works like Microworkers but the payment is faster here because you will receive your payment the next day.  I was doing some tasks yesterday where I have make a review on the site and categorized it if its a rental business or not. And then I received my payment today. Its not a huge payment though, But hey! if you are looking for a fast and real payment straight from your Paypal account, then you must give a try and simply enjoying doing some tasks from CloudCrowd .  Here's another update of my payment received from CloudCrowd  today, January 17,2010. 

About Paypal Wishlist

I was referred by one of my online friend from Facebook about this Paypal Wishlist and when I came across the site, I was also excited to send and share my wishlist to my online friends from Facebook and also to my other money earning social, forum and paid to post sites. CHECK OUT PAYPAL'S WISHLIST IN YOUR FACEBOOK NOW! PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK:

CloudCrowd Really Pays!

I just registered yesterday in CloudCrowd and I had finished and completed one task and I am so glad that I received my payment instantly through my paypal account. The tasks are easy and simple to do just like Microworkers and some tasks in Mylot.They pay a little amount for the micro jobs but what's important is that they pay legitimately. Join CloudCrowd Now and Enjoy doing some tasks as well as socializing and referring your friends in Facebook!

You Can Now Earn Money from Your Facebook!

I just did some blogwalking on some of my friends blog here in blogger and I came across this great money earning opportunity where I can earn money through my Facebook account. Thanks to Red for posting this site on her blog. I registered today at CloudCrowd and this site is like Microworkers where you just have to perform and complete a task in order to get paid. You can also get some referrals and it will help you with the earnings. This is up to three level Crowd. Referral rates are as follows: For Work Performed By You: You Receive The Following Commission: 1st Level Personal Crowd (people you directly invite) 10.1% of what they get paid 2nd Level Personal Crowd 3.2% 3rd Level Personal Crowd 1.5% So, if you are also hooked and addicted in playing games or socializing with your friends in Facebook, why not earn money at the same time? Join CloudCrowd now Start Earning Money Today!

Another Fun & Exciting Way To Earn Money Online!

I just found a site which is fun and easy way to share and discuss your likes and discover new ones with people you know. It works like facebook and twitter where you can socialize with your friends and post what you are doing right now. You can even promote or share your referral links to other members! The site offers a contest where you just have to post your favorite gadgets, movies, books ,Top 10 Fashion Brands, Must See TV shows and many others. Those who have the best list will win instant $15 to $25! This is yet another fun and exciting way to earn money online! Here’s my link to the site: Hope to See You There!