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Travel In Comfort And Style This Summer With Kultura's Summer Selebrasyon

  In our tropical shores, it’s summer all year round! But the months from March to May are really when nature likes to show off. Round up your friends, head out of town, and relish the rejuvenating powers of the sun and sky and sea. But first, head over to Kultura for everything you need to celebrate the getaway season in style.     SUMMER-WORTHY ‘FITS  A leisurely trip deserves a wardrobe to match. Our Summer Selebrasyon collection is made of stylish resort wear in lightweight fabrics for blissful, sun-soaked days. With a mix of neutrals and vibrant tones, it’s the perfect palette for picture-worthy OOTDs against the most gorgeous backdrops across the Philippines.  We traveled up north to the idyllic surf town of La Union to showcase our summer collection. For the ladies, we’ve got easy, breezy smocked dresses, chic co-ords, batik caftans, and cover-ups hand-embroidered by local artisans, for summer looks that are effortless yet elevated.   For the gents, we’ve got guayabera tops, emb

Islands Souvenirs Rocks CDO With ‘I Heart Cagayan De Oro’ Fashion Show

Fashion. Music. Fun. Kagayan-ons were in for a treat as Islands Souvenirs brought the house down on Centrio Mall with the launch of the ‘I Heart Cagayan De Oro’ campaign. The ‘I Heart CDO’ line, which includes a wide variety of personalised shirts and other products, focuses on love and pride of place. The campaign also highlights the things that make CDO a great tourist destination - whether it’s the food, the adventures, the sights, the people, the vibe, the views and everything under the sun. Through the ‘I Heart’ concept, locals are empowered and encouraged to “Show your love, Show your pride” for the city that they call home.      ‘I Heart Cagayan De Oro’ Fashion Show The brand’s bestselling shirts, apparel and accessories were thrust into the spotlight in a grand and festive Fashion Show that took up the entire Activity Center of Centrio Mall. CDO’s hottest up and coming models took to the catwalk to showcase the different Islands Souvenirs’ products in different colo

Summer Look with My Colored Hair

I just had my hair color last week. I went to my favorite beauty salon and let the hairstylist colored my hair. I actually chose the burgundy color but the outcome was like dark brown or caramel like shade. I don't why, maybe because my hair already got some color before. Oh well, I’m still satisfied with my new hair color.  I wanted to spice up my look so here it  is my summer look with my colored hair. Having the right hair color can greatly change the total appearance, do you agree with me my friends? You just have to choose the perfect hair color to fit your personality and character. So why don't you bring out the new side of you and give yourself a new look too! :)

The Fashionable Coffee Maker

My Mom recently purchased this new coffee maker because her old machine got a problem and she said that it's too complicated to program everything so she preferred to buy a new one.  She is such a coffee lover and she can't go out without having a her first coffee.  Aside from being a coffee lover, she's also fashionable with it comes to clothing, accessories and everything. And oh! did I say everything? Yes because aside from her clothing, her coffee maker machine in Zebra print also looks fashionable! See? the black and white zebra print coffee maker matches her outfit!  

Need a New Fashionable Eyeglasses

This is my one and only pink eyeglasses that Ive been wearing for almost 7 years. As you can see it already shows some signs of aging (LOL) I mean the wear and tear where the color of the frame has been removed already. My hubby accidentally stepped on it but thanked God the glass was still okay that's why I still able to wear it. But I really need to buy a new pair since my optometrist told me that I do have a high eye grade and since I'm also wearing prescription contact lenses, I also need an eyeglasses with the same eye grade. As of now I'm looking for some fashionable eyeglasses that would fit my eye and my personality as well. I love pink so I still choose those pink framed eyeglasses. I love wearing eyeglasses like these both for medical purpose with a bit of trend for fashion and style.

Chic in Black Monday: Boys over Flowers

No I’m not talking to the popular story of an extraordinary girl and four gorgeous and influential guys of F4 in a Korean version, Boys Over Flowers but I am talking literally of our photos below where me (in black) and my sister in law are the only flowers among the boys. ^_^   This photo was taken when we had a night of Jam for Jesus and Film Showing  event which was held at our church.   We all had fun together with these young people who are on fire for God and all are happy in serving the Lord.  I'm sharing my black "Kikay" outfit as entry for

My New FB Profile Pic

Here's a recent photo of me taken last Sunday after our church service. I just love the green nature as my background and of course my pink tube top. Every time I'm wearing a hot pink outfit, I usually pair it with a black color combination because it looks so bold and its color really stands out. I also used this photo as my primary profile pic in Facebook.  I'm posting this simply me in pink entry for 

Look Elegant and Stylish with Pashmina Shawl

I always admire women who are wearing an elegant scarf. It simply shows its chic, grace and femininity. It also adds a character to an outfit where it can create a beautiful style whether they are dressed in a classy way or just a simple casual look.  If you also want to try out the softness, warmth and elegance of a genuine Pashminas Shawls , Spencer's Pashmina offers the most exclusive collection of pure Pashminas where it is delicately made from the finest wool of Himalayan goats. They offer a wide variety of single colored, Two Tone, Printed, Jamawar pashmina scarves and shawls. They are only using an organic dye that is why Spencer's became known as a brand name in the pashmina world of scarves and shawls since they have a guaranteed and superb quality. Whether you like wearing Shawl Pashmina or you choose other types like cashmere or silk, it is just a matter of experimenting yourself and go for simplicity with some nice accents to go with it depending on what occasion

Who Wore it Best?

I actually made a blog post about this Who Wore it Best? photo from my Fashionably Trendy blog where me, my sister and my mom wore the same dress but with different color combination. When I first saw this elegant looking dress from my sister’s photo in Facebook, I feel in love with its fashionable style and design. I liked it even more when I saw it worn by my fashionista mom. It’s actually her own dress. My sister just used it when she attended a night party together with her friends. My mom is currently spending her holiday here with us and one of her plans from her holiday is to have a reunion of friends from her college batch mates. We were also invited to attend this social occasion that’s why even before she planned this event, I already told her that I don’t have a nice dress to wear for the party. And since I know she has lots of nice and elegant evening dresses from her closet and as I also browse her photos , I told her that I would like to

Black Fashion

Nothing beats the elegance, sophistication, beauty, formality and style of wearing a sexy black dress, right? Just take a look at the photo above of my sister (second from the left) together with her girl friends. Black color of fashion is indeed a natural classic color that never goes out of style.  I'm linking this entry for this week's Photohunt Fashion.

Getting Ready to Go Daring?

                                      ( My mom wearing her sexy two- piece swimwear ) My family and I are so excited for my mom's holiday next month. She usually spend her holiday here in the Philippines at least once a year. Although this time she only have a 3 weeks holiday, but were so happy that we can spend time with each other even if its just for a short period of time. That's why we always treasure our bonding moments together to enjoy and have fun while she's here with us.  We usually rent an apartment that is located near the beach because my mom loves to swim almost every morning. I actually don't like swimming at the beach but since my mom wants me to accompany her and I'm sure my daughter would love to go swimming also, I have no choice but to splash and soaked myself too. lol! My usual problem every time I go swimming is my swimming attire. Although I can wear blouses and shorts since its a local public beach, but sometimes my mom wants to go swimm

Stylish Reusable Bags

The new trend in shopping tote bags evolved from the growing awareness on fashion trend and concern for the environment. The use of shopping tote bags have become functional and fashionable. These bags are designed to be used for any occasions and they are more convenient and cheaper in the long run.  It's style and functionality are possible with stylish reusable bags and with the help of unique collaboration of those urban artists, the reusable bags is sure to have you shopping in style. It is now time to make the change and get in sync with fashion and nature!

Shopping for Clothes This Christmas

Christmas shopping can be a lot of fun. Spending some time searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your gift list can be a great deal of fun. It is also rewarding when you find and purchase a gift you just know your loved one will treasure. However, there is one aspect of Christmas shopping which seems to be difficult for everyone. It seems when it comes to buying clothes, everyone seems to have at least a slight hesitation. There are just so many variables when it comes to clothes shopping that can be difficult to shop for clothing for those on your gift list. Perhaps one of the most difficult dilemmas associated with Christmas shopping for clothing is selecting a style which will be appealing to the recipient of the Christmas gift and if it will look good on the recipient as well. If you are purchasing a gift of clothing for a close girl friend or a family member, you may have a good idea about the style of clothing she likes because you see the clothing she wears on a regu

Christmas Lingerie

Want to spice up your Christmas? Its definitely the time of the year where one must prepare to celebrate in fashion. What better way to get in the holiday spirit? How about wearing a fashionable Christmas lingerie such as this Sequined Halter Mini dress in Red with plush trim and polka dot bow with candy cane. I'm sure your partner would be surprise when he saw you looking naughty and nice.  For an enchanted evening of romance and make believe, it is now time for us wives to snuggle up with our husband when we dare to bare in wearing this sexy Christmas lingerie.

Plus Size Clothing for Women

Everyone was created differently and for that reason it is really true that everyone is special in their own unique way. When it comes to the shape of women, some were created petite like me and some were created as more of a plus size. Fashion often comes down on how good you feel in a garment, but there are some easy no, no’s to avoid that will help you look and feel better  no matter how plus in size you are. You should never have to feel bad if you are a plus size woman as you are just as special as anyone else alive today. Dressing yourself in order to look great and fab will help you keep that great looking smile on your face day in and day out. If you are looking for a plus size clothing, you can have more choice than ever when it comes to large size clothes for women. You can now have a closet full of great looking clothes and keep pace with the best fashionistas since plus size clothing is becoming popular now adays and you can easily find them  where you can also find so m

Hair Color Ideas

If you're looking for a new hair color ideas, there's plenty to consider which includes maintenance and styling commitment. Choosing a flattering hair color is a process that requires a lot of thought. There are many reasons to play with your hair color. For some people, a different color can better reflect their personality and even their day to day moods. Adding the right touches of color can create a stunning style for a special occasion or just to feel confident every day about one's beautiful hair. Whatever the reason you want to color your hair, there are many ways to add touches to your locks to bring out the best of your hair hues. From permanent color changes to temporary hair color, you can experiment with different shades to find the best look for you. Just make sure you use the best hair color product such as loreal professional because it provides the best color effect so you can have a true reflex, lustrous and permanent hair color. No matter what your hair

Looking for a Fancy Dress This Christmas?

If you're looking for a Christmas fancy dress and you want to find some ideas for fancy dress themes, browsing an online fancy dress shop such as Fancy Dress Outfitters is a great place to quickly get loads of fancy dress ideas. It is an ultimate shopping destination online for Christmas Fancy Dress , accessories and all things that are party-related. Their costumes are great value for money. With a huge range of products available, they offer great choices and consistently in high quality of products. So Have yourself a very Merry Christmas and check out their store now so you can choose your favorite Christmas Fancy Dress!

Where To Find Cheap Wholesale Clothing

One of my mom's plan after she will resign from her job 5 years from now is to run a boutique business. She has the passion for clothes and she's always IN for the latest and trendiest designs and styles from the market today. We have a friend who also runs a clothing business in one of the malls here in our place and she referred us to her supplier that sells wholesale clothing in Thailand. She usually travels there every month to buy the latest clothing and accessories.  Thailand is actually famous for buying wholesale clothing. The more you buy, the more discounts you can get. Bangkok may very well be one the best places to shop in the world.  It's in Thailand that I came to understand that "shopping 'til you drop" is actually possible. With huge outdoor markets and multi-floor malls,  I know it's hard to know where to start. Thailand's largest clothing market and is a treasure trove of hundreds of clothing stores selling everything from  t shirt

Trendy Baby Clothes

Christmas is fast approaching and I just realized that I have several godchildren here and most of them are still babies. Gosh! It's time for me to check out what's new and what's in for baby clothes this time. As more parents like us who are seeking for a unique and fun items for their babies and kids,I believe trendy baby clothes are becoming more popular now a days.  No longer more about basics clothes and diapers because baby fashion has taken on a life all its own. From newborn designer items to toddler high fashion jeans, there are many items to keep our baby in the latest fashions. For every style and taste, baby clothes can be fun and unique. Not just about keeping baby warm and cozy, baby fashions are trendy and adorable. I'm sure the parents of my godchildren would be happy to receive this Christmas gift  from us because these fun baby clothing styles is just perfect for their new bundle of joy.

Foot Tattoos

I recently saw some nice looking photos of foot tattoos in Facebook today and I was totally amazed how beautiful it is. Foot tattoos really looks very striking. I just knew that foot tattoos are becoming rather popular nowadays especially among women. There’s no question that a foot tattoo peaking out of a sexy shoe can be very attractive. It looks very sexy especially with the cute designs available. I'd like to show some photos of these cute Foot Tattoo designs to my mom and I'm sure she's gonna love it. I would like to try it out too. We just have to keep in mind that if your thinking about getting a foot tattoo, there are many foot tattoo designs to choose from. But large or small, cute or sexy, regardless of your choice it is permanent and you should choose a tattoo that reflects your style and personality too.