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Token Ideas

Its the most wonderful time of the year now that its the month of December already. Ive got a lot of invitations from my family and friends get together party and reunions. One of them is our upcoming Bisdak Bloggers / PMC VisMin Grand Eyeball and Christmas Dinner on December 21. I am so excited for this event because I'll be able to meet my blogger friends in person.  I already met some of them during our previous mini EB meet ups but this time there are other expat moms who will attend on this event. Some of my blogger friends outside Cagayan de Oro City will also join so I'm sure its gonna be a whole lot of fun chit chatting and knowing each other in person.  I'm also thinking of giving out some tokens to everyone who will attend. Id like to give a personalized gift such as friendship bracelets, notepads, pens and so much more. Ive got so many things and ideas in my mind but I still can't decide what to give  LOL! I think I better ask my fellow blogger friends wha

Appreciating One's Friendship

"Friends are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life." I just love this quote about friendship. This simply means that a friend is someone who is there who will give comfort, joy and laughter in our lives. A sweet friend is always caring and shows love and support to us specially when we need help from them. We have to appreciate every little thing that they did for us and we have to pay tribute to that wonderful person by simply sending them some friendship quotes through cards, gifts and crafts. This is one of the great ways to express our gratitude and thanks as these quotes will simply make them feel happy. It  really feels great when we are appreciated, right? 

Back from Vacation Mode

I am finally back from my 1 week vacation . Whoa! I haven't updated all my blogs for a week. I've been so busy during my sister and her friend's holiday here in the Philippines. I am their tour guide so I need to be with them wherever they want to go. They love to go shopping, eating, go adventure tripping and going to the beach. We spent the whole day for that activities so I ended up dead tired when I arrived home.  It was worth the time though cause it made our bonding even more closer specially with my sister. We seldom see each other and her holiday helped us in bridging the distance between us. I am also glad that her friend liked our country too. She said that she will go back here in the Philippines. We all had fun during their holiday. It was such a nice family and friends bonding moments that I will always cherished with. 

A Letter from a Dear Blogger Friend

I actually received this surprise letter from my dear blogger friend Sis Dhemz just last week. It's Greg and Demcy's 2010 Newsletter where they happily share their family's memorable and unforgettable experiences. It has been their family's tradition where they usually sent out this yearly newsletter to all of their friends. And I'm so glad that I am one of the million friends of Sis Dhemz. Thanks so much Sis! I really appreciate it. I was also surprised that that it took several months before it finally arrived here in our place. Just imagine it was sent as a Holiday greetings last December 2010 and I just received it this month. Whoa! I don't know why it took that so long. Maybe because our post office here was burned down a few weeks ago. I thanked God that this letter just came late and was not included on the fire. Thanks once again Sis Dhemz for being such a thoughtful friend. Our friendship means to much to me and I cherish it so deeply. Love you! Si

Young at Heart

                         (Me in black together with the young people from our church) We had a blast and fun Sunday yesterday when hubby and I attended a gathering of all young people from different churches here in our city. We accompanied the young people from our church as we joined the Inter Youth Fellowship. This gathering is usually held once in every month where young teens will celebrate and experience God's goodness as they sing praises to Him, listen to His word and be revived.                            (from left: hubby and I, my sis-in-law and her hubby in yellow) Our music team was also invited to perform where my hubby played the guitar together with my brother in law who played the drums. I gave way to our young people who will lead the vocals since the songs are meant for teenagers. It's quite unsuitable for me. lol!  We also feel like young teens at that time since  most of our companion are single ladies and young gents. ^_^

The Angel of My Domain Blogs

For a newbie user of Wordpress like me, I could not continue using Wordpress without the help of my Angel. She is such a very kind and helpful person. Although I think she did not noticed me before but Ive seen and noticed her way back a long time ago when we were still young, skinny and sexy... lol! She used to go to our i-cafe together with her best friend who is also our family friend. One thing that we share something in common is we have the same faith that's why when I saw her again here in the blogging world, it was easy for me to get along with her. I became an avid follower and reader of her blogs. I even joined the Summer Swimsuit Give away before from her Pinay Mommy Online blog where I won a tictoc T-shirt and a butterfly mini-dress. I also joined her Free Domain Names May 2010 Give away and luckily I won. This is where my My Daily Notes blog was born. After a few months, I finally decided to self-host this blog to Wordpress with the help of course of my Mommy Angel.

Watch Christmas Movies

Christmas is fast approaching! and with it all those fun and festive traditions we usually do like decorating Christmas trees, going caroling, and attending Christmas parties, we also want to do some fun filled activities where our families and friends could also enjoy as we spend our time together where we could Watch Christmas Movies . It would be a great treat that  we could have for our family while having a great holiday to spend at home. There are so many Christmas movies that you could have and share for your family and relatives that will be coming on that great holiday. Whether you prefer old movies or the ones most recently released, all can put you in the right frame of mind to enjoy Christmas together with your loved ones.

So Happy that I Finally Met Some of my Blogger Friends!

I was invited by my sweet and kind blogger friend Ate Grace for their Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving yesterday and I had a blast Sunday in   attending their celebration. Their Blessed Hope Got Talent was the highlight of their program and I was truly entertained and I really enjoyed every performance on each participating Lighthouse churches. It was my first time to finally met Ate Grace in person. She is the author behind these beautiful blogs, Amazing Grace , A Walk to Remember , Gracia Fashionista , and Kid’s Turf.                                                                               Ate Grace, Me and Mhai (my sis in law) with Ate Grace beloved Hubby Pastor John wearing a funny girl costume for their dance presentation                                  with a new blogger friend Christian and my pretty sissy blogger Joahna of What's Inside Joahna's Heart I also met Sis Jackie of God Brought Me Here For A Reason and met some new blogger friends Che and Nel

Wordless Wednesday - Cool Guys

A souvenir photo of our fellow Christian friends from Australia who came to visit our city and had a revival concert. These guys are just cool! As you can see they even ride at the top of the jeepney.

Irresponsible Husband

My heart is bursting with anger when I heard the sad news that my childhood friend who is now 7 months pregnant was left by her husband to be with his mistress. And this mistress is just too brazen-faced knowing that she is also a friend who betrayed my friend. She knows that they are married couple but she still flings to my friend's hubby. And his hubby was also stone-hearted and indeed an irresponsible husband who just left her pregnant wife alone. I really felt so pity of my friend because I could really feel her pain and suffering this time. Research has shown that depression and anxiety during pregnancy can increase the risk for preterm labor. If its untreated, these conditions can hamper the ability to care for herself and her developing baby.That's why we always encourage her not to be depressed too much because it will greatly affect her pregnancy.We, her friends are always there to give her an emotional and spiritual support. We know its really hard to face the real

PBW - Baby Dedication

This is my first time to Join Pixel Bug Weekend and for this week I am sharing our recent photos earlier from our church when we dedicated a baby to the Lord. Together with the parents of Baby Sophia and her God parents Celebration...Food...Fun! from left: Mhai ( lady ), Fhaye ( preggy ), Barbie ( Hot Momma ),  Me ( nevermind! LOL )

A Blog with Substance

Thank you so much Sis Ria of My Journey To Life   for giving me this award. I really do appreciate it. I am so happy and proud to say that in my own simple way, I was able to inspire and entertain you, my fellow bloggers and friends.  I will continue in giving out my Best, Honest, Interesting, Humorous, and Entertaining Blog as I am sharing you my life experiences online and offline. Now, for the Rules: Thank the blogger who awarded it to you. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words. example: WRITE  HEART PEOPLE LIVE HAPPY Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.  I am passing this award to these lovely blogs Ate Vernz of Woman’s Elan Vital Sis Peachy of  Blowing Peach Kisses Sis Yen of Crucial Bliss Mommy Chris of Mommy Chris Mommy Rose of Obstacles and Glories Ate Grace of A Walk to Remember Sis Faye of My Life in Holland Mommy Lulu of Bitz’n Pieces of My Life Sis Cacai of Cacai’s Steps and Journey

Shoot Me! 8 of 52

It's me and my girl friend Mhai.... She's not only a good friend of mine but she is also my brother in law's wife. I am so thankful to God that I have this beautiful and loving friend. She is not only a friend but she is also a part of our family. Shoot me is a year long challenge for Moms like me to be in a picture once a week for one year. Wanna Join Us?  Hop in to Forever in Blue Jeans Blog now!

My Friend is Now a Flight Attendant!

I am so happy for high school friend Siobel because she is now finished on her training as a Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant of Emirates Airlines. She's in Dubai for several months now for her school and training. She's really blessed to have this job. When I was a child, my dream is to become a flight attendant someday but sad to say, I was not blessed to have a good height. lol!  And like me, everyone likes to be part of this winning team because it is an airline that has won more than 400 international awards for excellence,  and awards that say Emirates is the best. Their Cabin Crew are drawn from more than 120 countries and speak more than 80 languages. They operate the latest wide-bodied Boeing and Airbus aircraft to a constantly growing network of key cities on every continent.                                                   my friend's bedroom                                               with swimming pool Emirates Cabin Crew also enjoys high sta

I would like to Meet These Fellow Bloggers in Person ;-)

I really want to meet some of my fellow bloggers here in person. And since most of them came from different parts of the country and even from around the world, I just want to meet some of my blogger friends who are residing here in Cagayan de Oro City. So here they are... I want to meet Ate Grace who is the author of A Walk to Remember , Gracia Fashionista and Amazing Grace . Sis Phebie of Loves Haven Sis Allysa Jae of God Brought Me Here for a Reason Sis Joahna of What's Inside Joahna's Heart Ate Carms of Carms Page I hope we could see each other in person. Anyway, to other CDO bloggers who wants to add me  and make friends with me, I am just a Facebook away if you want to meet me too... hehehe!   Thanks! Karen Chayne Sanchez Create Your Badge

Want to add your Badge in my Blog?

First, I would like to thank all my dearest friends here in blogosphere who already added my badge in their respective blogs. As you can see, I don't have a blog roll of my friends list because I prefer adding my friends on my list of friends badges. So, too all my newly found friends here who wants to add their badges in my blog, please leave a comment to this post so I can visit your blog and grab your badge.  Thank You and Love Yah All!

Visit my friend's Blog on his Adventure of Love

I have this online friend from my social paying site Mypage5 named JonJon who is truly,deeply and madly in love with his school mate who is a Beauty Queen of their place in Mariveles, Bataan. He actually made a blog, An Adventure of Love for Miss Helen Gimena just to post his feelings for this girl. I actually enjoyed reading his blog posts since he truly expresses his thoughts and feelings on his blog. The girl doesn't know that my friend loves her so much because he is some kind of a "torpe" type.  They are good friends by the way. I find his blog interesting too since I also want to know if he's gonna  express his feelings for this girl, how he gonna do it, and if he gets "busted" or not. lol!

Enjoyed adding some Friends Badges!

I would like to thank Ovah’s Coffee blog for the great tips and advice on how to create a badge here in blogger. I had no idea before on how to create it and when I was searching in Google on how to it, I came across her blog and I just followed what she did on her badge too. The next thing I did was following some blogs, copying the code and add it to my friends list of badges. I enjoyed doing it since I came to meet many people with different views, ideas and opinions written on their blog. I am hoping to have more friends since I am a newbie blogger here and I am also hoping to have more followers and more friends badges to add. 

Missing my High School Batch of Classmates & Friends...

I was checking my Facebook account and looking for some newly uploaded photos of my friends and I saw some photos of my High School batch 2001 classmates and schoolmates. I feel so envy to them because they had came to meet and reunite with other classmates of my batch. Since I had graduated from high school, that was in the year 2001, and since I moved and transferred to another city to pursue my college degree, I haven't seen them until today. And that was in a 9 very long years already!  I only see and connected with them through social networking sites like in Facebook and Friendster. But not all of my classmates have their social account that's why I am still eager to see them in person. My High School life is my greatest, happiest and unforgettable life experiences I had experienced! There is indeed a great bond and unity on all of my classmates and friends. All the happiness, the sadness, the curiosity, excitement, being scolded by the teacher, the