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2015 Ushers in Ten Classic Styles and New Technology Trends

1. Barn door hardware Get ready to spruce up the garage or a barn with new hardware. Create a chic barn design on the garage with stylish black hinges and handles. Finish off the look with a vinyl wood-texture wrap, a new wooden door, or a fresh coat of dark brown paint. 2. Oakley eyeglasses Oakley glasses are timeless classics that come back in style from time to time. 2015 is bringing them back with classy pairings with gingham patterns, lace trim, and even bohemian dresses. These shades are perfectly paired with almost any outfit or style with their sleek lines and quality designs. 3. Shaker style cabinets in white and eggshell Dressing up the kitchen is all about the cabinets in 2015. This coming year, shaker cabinets are in as long as they are in white or a shade of white. Peek-a-boo doors with some glass centerpieces offer a creative new way to freshen up the timeless style. 4. Gold and blue accents in the home Gold is back, at least in the home, for 2015. G

Samsung's Galaxy of Christmas Wishes Huge Discounts Available Now!

Here's another reason to celebrate and love the holidays with Samsung’s Galaxy of Christmas Wishes!      Customers will get a chance to take home their favorite Samsung device at a lower cost by visiting the participating Samsung Experience Shops and authorized dealers nationwide. This promo will run until December 31, 2014!      Included in the promo are the Samsung Galaxy V, Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, Galaxy Core 2, Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, Galaxy Grand 2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3. The Samsung Galaxy V is a dual SIM phone that features a 4-inch screen and runs on Android Kitkat 4.4.2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, on the other hand, features a super light, slim design with a 7-inch WSVGA screen, as well as a a 1.2 Ghz Dual-Core Processor and Android Jellybean OS.    Also available at the Samsung’s Galaxy of Christmas Wishes is the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 which features a powerful Quad-Core processor on Android Kitkat and a 4.5-inch large screen, Samsung Gal

On the Wishlist of Every Tech Savvy Person

The Apple iPad is probably one of the revolutionary gadget nowadays. It has changed the way we use computers. It has become one of the must-have gadgets. I myself would love to own an iPad because this gadget is a fun tool and cool to have. It’s also stylish and minimalistic.  Its a multimedia device that’s great for video, web browsing and social networking. What I also like about iPad is the battery life since it usually takes 8 to 10 hours of usage. It can be an unnecessary hassle to carry an internet card or USB to connect to the web specially when you are traveling.  If you own an iPad, you no longer have to worry about this as it has the capability to access internet through WiFi connectivity. This iPad feature makes it very appealing to me. I just have to buy an iPad 2 cases for protection from damages. All of these benefits make the Apple iPad a premium tablet PC and is on the wishlist of every tech savvy person like me.

A Camera that can Satisfy Me

If DSLR camera is a food, I am seriously craving for it. Ive been longing to own these gadget since it became popular in the market and in the world of photography. I really want the Nikon brand because it is a renown brand name in digital photography. I like the Nikon D3100 because it is compact and lightweight and it features a high resolution sensor that gives clear and visible images. Although I am not a professional photographer but this is really a must have for photography enthusiast like me. The good thing about this camera is that it features intuitive on board assistance and is equipped with the learn as you grow guide. This is really a must for first timers like me. My mom actually just purchased her Nikon camera. Too bad she did not bought one for me but its okay. Maybe I can borrow sometime when she will bring it here for her holiday or perhaps we can buy for a bargain price when there's a store sale online or here in our local camera stores. These camera has prov

Say Bye Bye to Bad Photos and Hello to Picture Perfect Shots!

My family and I really loves to pose for picture taking but as much as we wanted to give our best shot and the nicest pose, the problem is in the camera where we usually got blurry and dark shots,wrong angles and even unhappy and not in the mood faces. We want to have a camera that’s perfect no matter what kind of angle  or pose that we want to do. When I saw Samsung 2view Camera’s Commercial Ad on TV, I was so amazed on its awesome features and specs.  Samsung has proven us again of the  advancement of technology by making a dual LCD touch-sensitive screens for an entirely fun way of taking pictures as the Samsung 2View Camera series consists of the ST700, PL170, PL120 offers the latest in Samsung’s point-and-shoot innovation which is the dual LCD screens found at the front and back side of the camera. I'm so glad when I found out today that  Samsung Philippines has an ongoing facebook contest wherein you can win a brand new Samsung 2View Camera ST700! Wow! I