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Things that I've Learned as an Article Writer

Aside from blogging, I have worked as an article and web content writer from different clients that I found on Odesk. Its only a contractual job but I've learned a lot about different freelance writing techniques . I just want to share to you some of the things that Ive learned from writing articles specially in SEO writing .  Make sure the article being written provides value to the reader.  A keyword for every article will be provided below the title. If someone typed into a search engine the keyword would the post you write answer their question or add value to them in another way.  Google wants to deliver the BEST result so be the BEST . Imagine if a good friend or family member asked or was looking for the information in your target keyword and you wanted to provide them with the best possible information. Search for other content on the web for your target keyword and write an article that is better, more information, easier to read, more enjoyable.  How to O

I Got Paid! Finally...

Ive been complaining about my payment from SponsoredReviews because I did receive any payment from them since I started writing several paid posts a few months ago.  Ive been waiting for my payment for more than 3 months now. I always keep on following up my complaint and thanked God they finally heard it though it took a long time.  I received my very 1st payment today worth $30. Thanks SponsoredReviews!

Problems on Paid to Blog Sites Ive Joined

My blog was approved by SponsoredReviews a few months ago and I already made several paid posts from advertisers who wants to review and promote their products and services. I have been waiting for my payment for more than 5 months now and I still did not receive any single payment from them. I already sent a support ticket asking them when it will be cashed out because Ive waited for several weeks during its releasing of payment. From what Ive understood on their payment release, they pay every 2 weeks or on a bi-weekly basis for reviews completed in that 2 week period. They said that I will be paid within 14 days of submitting the completed review URL. Judy, one of the customer service staff replied to my message and said that she is not sure why I haven't received any payment. Before payment is issued all completed reviews must be live. They are all redirecting this and she said that it must be corrected immediately. I sent another message to follow up on my inquiry and Judy

Buy Custom Written Essays

Writing has been a crucial part of the learning process which is why professors regularly require their students to submit term papers or research papers. But since some students keep busy schedules, writing can sometimes become too tedious of a task, especially when there is little time work on the paper. Working students usually encounter this problem because they balance their time between school and work. However, such cases are not limited to working students. Even full time students may sometimes find it difficult to finish a paper on time because of accumulated school work and other special cases. In these case wherein students do not have the time to do the essay them self, it would be helpful to buy essay instead of doing it. Completing an assignment requires grueling research and a lot of time. Buying essays has its real benefits. It will save their crucial time which they could use for other important activities that have trouble trying to fit into their busy schedule.

Thankful for My Direct Advertisers

While most of my blogger friends here are loaded with lots of paid opps and busy in writing reviews so they make it for the deadline, I am one of the bloggers who doesn't have much paid opportunity available since I'm still waiting for my blog to get approved from Sheriff . However, I am still thankful that there are some direct advertisers who wants to buy a sponsored post from me. I feel so happy and proud of myself because even if I am not a good blogger and writer, they are still interested to advertise and promote their product on my blog. What I love about direct advertising is that I can set my own rate and I can utilize variable pricing to fit for these specific advertiser. I also have a direct contact with my advertisers and this would  help increase the likelihood of having long-term relationships and arrangements with them. While some advertising  brokers only allows to receive payment once a month, with direct advertising, it allows us to determine how we want to g

Get Paid to Blog and Receive Payment in EURO!

I saw this blog posted and shared in Facebook by Mommy Pehpot and I am glad to see her payment proof from this Paid to Blog site named Ebuzzing where it allows bloggers to monetize their blog and money by blogging in support of campaigns initiated by their advertisers. When you sign up, just submit your blog and wait for their approval. I signed up yesterday but I am still having some problems in signing up because I can't find the number of page views per month from my blog, the amount of pages views per month and the number of readers registered to my RSS feed. If you know where to find it, could you please help me my friends? Thanks! By the way, the minimum payment for an article is 10€.You can also use ebuzzing direct and set your own price at which you will write articles. You will be paid by the 15th of the month. You will have from the first business day of the month up until the 14th of the same month to request payment When your article is validated by ebuzzing, th

I Need Help on How to Write on a Subject that I know Nothing About

I admit I am not a good writer and I am just a newbie when it comes to writing some articles. It has been my problem for some time now when there are paid task opportunities available for me to write but I have no idea on this certain topic since I am not familiar on it and I haven't experience it specially when it comes on writing some  paid reviews and  in recommend a product or services. I can do some research on it but it seems like I am also learning what is that subject all about so its quite hard for me to write since I can't just copy those written articles from other sites. It has to be original with my personal thoughts and opinions in it. I know there are many of you my blogger friends  here who are "expert" enough in doing this things. I hope you can help me out and I hope you could give me some an advice on how to improve my writing skills. Your help and advice is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!

How to Get My Blog Approved by Sheriff?

I am just reading some posts of fellow mommy blogger friends in Facebook about getting paid by Sheriff from the paid opps and tasks they did. I am ashamed to asked them about Sheriff because I feel like I am out of place from their conversations since they are already talking about their payouts, where they have so many opps to write and they should do it before the deadline while others are wanting for more paid opps from Sheriff. I thought Sheriff was a private client but I found out while doing my blog hop rounds from a post on one of my fellow mommy blogger here that they are all referring to PayU2blog . Some of my mommy friends told me about the requirements on How to Get my Blog approve by Sheriff: * A wordpress customized blog. Meaning, a wordpress with a .com domain. * Your blog should be at least 3 months old, with a minimum of 30 posts * Your blog must be in English * Your blog must not have any other form of advertisements, i.e. Nuffnang, Adsense, Entrecard, Infolinks, e

The Beauty of Art

Art is the wonderful product obtained from the creativity of a person who has the passion in doing it. The beauty of the world has been brought up by arts and it symbolize the creative human and environmental nature. Creativity has been greatly acknowledged and recognized due to the increase in number of artists. The majority of the creative thinkers are the painters. A performer may have come up with a drawing that has been properly sketched and painted just like Danny’s ArtWork . I was so amazed how he did such a very nice and creative trippy sketches because they are all beautifully created out from his imaginative mind. This kind of creativity comes from a driving force from within. Most of them say that one can never be an artiste unless they possess the passion for it. Once an artist accomplishes their work, they are usually satisfied in the product of their creativity. What makes it even better is that when it is appreciated about their work.

Portable Speaker for Laptop and Ipods

Most of us enjoy listening to our favorite different kind of music using our laptop and Ipods and we want to hear it with better sound and quality. And speaking of superb sound, Logitech is the leading company in technology devices, digital music and home entertainment control. To experience the best audio quality, choose Logitech Portable Speakers . I actually have a  Logitech Portable Speaker for my laptop before and I can prove its pretty impressive performance with clear vocal and  bass levels. It is specially designed for music lovers like me who wants to listen to my favorite music wherever I go.

Some Problems I Had Encountered with Paid Opps Sites

I had been asking some of my fellow blogger friends here what are those Paid Opportunity Sites where they can earn money by writing some reviews on advertiser's products and services. Some of the sites they referred to me was Sponsored Reviews . I had signed up to this site and when I was trying to add my blog, it says that my blog was already in their system where in fact, it is just my first time where I joined that site. I already sent a message to their customer service and I hope they will respond to my query. I signed up in Pay U 2 blog a few months ago but until today, I did not received any email from them if my blog has been approved or not. I had tried signing up again and I hope this time they will inform me then.  I am also having some problem with Blogsvertise because my account status has been suspended but my blog status was approved. I also sent a message to their help desk and I hope they will also answer my complaints. With Inpostlinks and Payperpost

Make Money by Writing Blogs

I was referred by an online friend of mine about  BuyBlogReviews which is a  Paid to Blog Site where she had been paid several times already.  My friend's screenshot payment from BuyBlogReviews You Get Paid by Blogging on your favorite subject. It is also the best way to monetize your blog by writing some reviews about other websites. You get paid per post plus The More Post you do, The More Money you make and Best of all, You can register your blog for FREE!  Here are the sites FAQ's :  What’s the method of payment?   We pay through, thats the only payment system we have at the moment.   How do I register my blog?   You can register a new blog by simply logging in to your blogger's account and click on register a blog. It may take upto 72 hrs before your blog is approved by the blogger's admin.   How can I bid on any opportunities?     You can only bid on opportunities in category which you already have a blog registered. Like if you h Affiliate Site: Get Paid by Writing Some Articles

I had been earning money by doing some tasks online in Microworkers and now they have an affiliate site where you can get paid by accepting a job offer by writing some articles.  I Want Articles is the name of the site. Here are some FAQ's on how to to earn money from I Want Articles Accepting an Article job A Writer is allowed to accept a job only if he/she can write a good Article that will satisfy requirements set by Requester. Your grammar and english must be good. If you think you cannot write a good Article, don't accept that job. Accepting a job and submitting bad quality Article will raise a red flag.  In most cases 3 red flags lead to account termination.   Writers Writers are people who can write good Articles. Writers accept jobs and write Articles. Writers get paid Guidelines for Writers   Writers must follow strict rules: Every Writer should only create and