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Share The Love this Christmas Season with PayMaya

  It’s a great time to be a PayMaya account holder this Christmas season with lots of discounts, rebates, and freebies coming your way. Use your PayMaya to shop and complete your holiday gift list so you can share the love to family and friends during this season of giving.  “Christmas is a season of giving, and we’re happy to help our customers share the love over the holidays with PayMaya. This is our way of thanking our customers in helping us achieve a very fruitful year as the leader in digital payments in the Philippines,” said Paolo Azzola, PayMaya Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director.  Spreading the Christmas cheer to all is also made easier with exclusive discounts to PayMaya account holders when they shop at Lazada and Zalora. Users can enjoy an additional 20% discount when they shop at Lazada until December 15 by using the code PYMYDEC. Meanwhile, fashionistas looking to complete their holiday outfits can look forward to a 20% discount this month wh

Gift Basket Ideas for our Kids

Buying gift for our kids is quite easy since we all know what kids really want. They are very easy to please right? we can just go to a kids store, go shopping and buy them toys and candies and these little things will definitely put a smile on their faces. Toys are a great gift for any child and they are also be cheap. This is one of the best gift basket ideas for kids and its also easy to make with.If you want to give the present to your little girl you just have to buy pink toys, Barbie dolls and other items that are very girly. You just have to arrange them into a classy way with pink ribbon and you will definitely make her happy. If you want to give the gift to a boy you should consider action figures and cars since these are the most common toys for a young boy. Candies and other sweet treats is also a great gift that will truly satisfy your child and it’s also very simple to make or buy. You can have many sorts of candy to choose from such as chocolate boxes, candy bars, co

A Special Gift for My Special Mom

Our Mother is our everything. Our lives revolve around her because in everything that we need we call her. She is the one who will be awake all night when we are sick. Mothers are the ones who would forever complain that we are not eating enough or not eating right.  My “mama” is not just my mother but she’s also my best friend, my counselor, my sister and my grandmother. Since I did not grew up with my father, my mom and I are closer like best friends. I don’t know what to do without her. No words can explain how thankful I am to the Lord that He gave me a mother just like my mama. There is simply no way I can ever really thank her for all she has done for us. And since Mothers day is just around the corner, I would like to give her a very special personalized mothers day gifts that I’m sure she will appreciate it no matter what it is. I know I can’t pay her for all the sacrifices she made for us but at least this gift will make her feel that she is so special to

PSP as Christmas gift for your Kids

It pays to shop ahead to buy Christmas gifts for your kids so that you can relax and unwind on Christmas Eve knowing that you can give them a gift that they will love the next day during Christmas Day. If you are not sure what to give them, there are some gifts that work really well for a lot of kids and these ideas will allow you to shop with ease. Video games are one of the most popular gifts with kids these days since they just love playing video games . If you don’t want to give the gift away by asking what games they already have, then consider buying a gift card to a video game store where kids  can buy the game they want to play. Moreover,a Playstation Portable or PSP is an all-in-one entertainment system on the go where you can play games, music and movies. You can also view your photos and even browse the internet with Wi-Fi. With so many features, buying PSP Christmas gift for your kids is a good choice, what do you think?

Impulsive Christmas Shopping

Did you know that impulsive Christmas shopping is a problem which plagues many of us during this holiday season? Some of the problems which often comes out from impulsive Christmas shopping are going over budget, buying frivolous items and even forgetting about items that were already purchased. While there are many problems which are often associated with impulsive Christmas shopping, it is important to remember that sometimes impulsive Christmas shopping is a good idea. When you see an item that you just know will make the perfect Christmas gift for a friend or relative and purchase the item without giving it any thought that is the exact definition of impulsive shopping.  However, it is also not necessarily a bad thing. Buying a gift on impulse is not a problem when the gift you purchase is a great gift for the intended recipient but impulse Christmas shopping becomes problematic when it causes the shopper to go over budget or purchase silly items they wouldn’t normally buy.