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My First Google Adsense Payment

Finally after more than a year of waiting to reach the minimum $100 payout, I  received my very first payment from Google Adsense. Woohoo! I was so happy of course since this is my first time to received payment from Google. I was able to withdraw my money through Western Union quick cash payment. It took me more than a year to reach it since my earnings came here in my main blog from blogger. My traffic here was very low so it resulted in poor page views and a poor amount of clicks. Well, I actually don't expect of high earnings since I don't know yet how to earn huge amount of money from Google Adsense unlike other bloggers who are earning around $3000 a month. Whoa! I think I have to learn more about the tips and tricks on how they were able to earn  it. Anyway,  so how about you guys?  did you also receive payment from Google Adsense? If so, how long did it take  you to reach the payout stage?

Problem Here in Blogger

I was so busy offline for almost 5 days and now that I am back online here in the blogosphere, I am having a huge problem on how I could sign in. When I tried to log in after entering my username and password. It loads very slowly and then this error will show up:  I don't know what this 502 server error is all about. I already asked helped from my fellow bloggers and I even made a thorough research on the internet and did all the possible reasons why I am getting this error like trying to use different browsers, deleting cache and cookies, using another ISP and even tried to restart my pc and router but still I am getting the same error.  Good thing I was able to make a new post right now because I noticed when I was trying to access this main blog of mine, I can check and edit my posts. I just tried to make a new post since I saw a new post tab. I just hope that I could publish it successfully. I am worried that I can't see all of my friends new blog updates. I can't d

Yay! This Blog is Now PR4!

Whoa! It's another great blessing for me to start off my new year. PR updates is one of the most talked about topics of my fellow mommy bloggers here. I actually did not checked out the PR Checker site. I just saw my PR's updated status at the footer of my blog. I'm so glad to know that somehow my blog receives a greater amount of traffic because of my relevant and important posts written in it. We all know that those who have important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results. Checking our Pagerank is very interesting and I think the numbers are important part of SEO. They can give us a peek of what kind of progress we are making with our SEO campaigns in Google since a high ranking in Google is much more valuable than all of the other search engines combined. Now if you want to know how I got my PR4, I actually don't know but maybe some basic tips could help where I make sure that my posts are keyword rich,

Happy to See My Blog Increasing & Improving!

I am happy to find out that my blog is improving and has increased its PageRank from 0 to 1. Since I am a newbie into blogging and still have so many things to do in order to improve my PageRank and I  still need a lot of traffic on my blog to make it popular. As the saying goes, "Great Things start from Small Beginnings" so I believe that I could merely do it just like many other blogs that I had followed here in Blogger. I am also looking for a nice new layout and template for my blog so it takes time and effort for me to make my blog more beautiful and easy to navigate with.  I saw an article on Some Blog Traffic Tips that I would like to share and its indeed very helpful for a newbie blogger like me.  1) After 30 days submit your blog to all blog directory's you can, focus on the one's with a Google Page rank of at least 2 or higher along with any that are specific to your niche. 2) Get some backlinks (sites that link to your blog) There are lots of

At Last I Know How to Create a Backlink!

A backlink is simply links from one site to another. It is one of the factors that determines how popular your blog is and ultimately how fast it’s going to get off the ground. The more relevant backlinks to your site, the better – and by relevant I mean the sites linking to you should be related to your topic (If your blog is about fancy cars it's probably going to do you little good to have a link for your site on a blog dedicated to quilting.) I had been searching over google on how to create a backlink because I really want to make a backlink for my blog. It is a great help in order for me to generate more traffic on my blog. All we need is just a simple html magic: kayeshayne that's it! Now, I am trying to create backlinks for my other money earning sites and for my friend's blog. Let's see if this one will work out too.