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Bloggers for Relief PH of Typhoon Yolanda

A group of local bloggers where I am a member with are rallying to raise up Php 100,000 for my fellow Filipino citizens who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). The P100 pesos will be assembled as hygiene packs to be given to the typhoon victims.   If you also want to help, your share would be much appreciated, whether you are a blogger or not. For more details about this fund raising campaign, please like Bloggers for Relief PH Facebook page. We are blessed to bless others.  God wants to use us to reach out and take care of others.  Be a Blessing! 

Young Men

Here are some of our energetic and young men from our church. We are so thankful to God because they are all active in doing God's work. They used their talent and skills such as playing guitar, drums and even do the back up singing for our Praise and Worship service. I know God will surely reward them for they are doing what is good His glory and honor.  This is my Male entry for this week's theme from Photo Hunt . Happy Weekend Guys!

The Effectiveness of the 12 Step Recovery Process

When it comes to treating alcohol abuse, the 12 step recovery program has been effectively implemented in a number of individual’s lives. This program originated from a faith-based perspective but has been modified so that it addresses all alcohol abusers, regardless of their faith or gender. There are those facilities and alcohol rehab centers in California that take a different approach to alcohol abuse but in some way or fashion one or even more of the original 12 steps is incorporated into the treatment. Some of the key principles of the 12 step program are: Making the decision to use your willpower to assist with the recovery. Admitting the behavior is wrong, self destructive and harmful to those you love. Seeking a higher power to assist with recovery. Making a list of individuals that were harmed in the process or time of alcohol addiction and then asking those individuals to forgive the harm that was caused. Continuing to recognize that you might still be

Help Assist Disabled PeopleThrough NMEDA

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA . All opinions are 100% mine. A few months ago, we went to our hometown to visit my uncle who had been diagnosed and has been comatose for a month in the hospital. He has a colon cancer and we are thankful that this time he is slowly recovering from his disease. My aunt takes care of my uncle and their children also serves as their caregiver in helping my uncle for his needs. And since they live far away from the city, I advised my aunt to purchase a mobility equipment like a wheelchair vehicle from NMEDA so that it would be easier for my uncle to move around specially when they help him to get inside their vehicle. NMEDA is a non-profit association of mobility dealers, manufacturers and rehabilitation professionals that aims to provide safe, reliable vehicles and modifications in order to improve accessibility for all people. Furthermore, NMEDA or National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association offers education to consumer

Diarrhea Home Remedies

Diarrhea is a waterborne disease that affects people of any age. It is such embarrassing when you are talking with somebody and you leave him or her alone because you have to go to the comfort room and do that nature call. If you always feel this kind of disorder, it would be the best time for you to take the diarrhea home remedies . Why should you go for the natural remedies? Well actually, it is for the reason that most of the over-the-counter medication doesn’t give that fast relief unlike what the natural remedies could do. Taking those diarrhea natural remedies could be a good thing, not only to clear out the disorder but also for saving up money.

Interview with A Deviant Person

Earlier this afternoon, my friend together with her classmates in her Sociology subject  had an appointment to interview a deviant person. It is a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior.A person would be considered to be acting in deviant behavior in the society if they are violating what the significant social norm in that particular culture is.   This man has been in and out from the prison for several years because of so many criminal cases like robbery, smuggling and his latest case which is rape. They interviewed this man as part of their project in Sociology. They asked some questions about his criminal cases, how does he feels, if he has change his life after he has been released from the prison and other psychological and biological questions which was also answered briefly by the deviant man. 

Buy a blog review and help Baby Bella for her Hernia operation

A hernia is the protrusion of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. When a hernia is not repaired, it may become strangulated . When strangulation occurs, there is a danger that part of the intestine be caught in the hernia cutting off blood supply to the tissue. Also, when a bowel obstruction occurs, it leads to severe pain, vomiting, nausea and inability to have a bowel movement or pass gas. Although Hernia happen to boys mostly, girls can also experience it. We can help raise the expenses needed for Bella's operation by purchasing a blog review worth $10 from her Mom, Mommy Rubz . A blog review from her PR3 blog. The review is consist of 150 words (all positive) with 2 links (home page link) and an image of the header or screen shot of the blog to be reviewed. One link with the blog title as the anchor text and the other link is on the image. Please send Pehpot an email ( ) with the url of the blo