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Travel The Philippines This Summer For Free With 2GOKada Creators Cruise 2023

Are you Content Creator who loves traveling, adventure, and exploring new things?  Come and Join 2GOKada Creators Cruise 2023 ! This is the ultimate Sail Squad where you can travel the Philippines this summer for FREE! This is the first ever 3-day exclusive Sail-ebration on May 20-23, 2023! This is exclusively for Content Creators who enjoys festive activities onboard, music, creative workshops, and food trip!   Selected Content Creators will receive one (1) round trip ticket via 2GO, 50kg baggage allowance, accommodations, and full board meals to travel to select Philippine destinations from March to May 2023. All other expenses are for the account of the Content Creator. Slots are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.  The 2GOKada Creators Cruise on May 2023 is an all-expense paid 3-day fest, inclusive of one (1) round trip ticket, 50kg baggage allowance, accommodations, full board meals, and participation in all the activities, all for free. So if you are open to new, fun

2018 Blogapalooza ConnecteD Event - My First Experience

I felt so blessed and so happy to be chosen as one of the CDO Blogger delegates for the Blogapalooza ConnecteD Event which was held at City of Dreams, Manila.  It's my first time and I am so excited to meet everyone specially in the blogging community. Blogapalooza is a business-to-influencer networking and marketing event that gathers bloggers, social media influencers, and internet celebrities from all over the Philippines in a day of learning, interaction, innovation, and improvement.  It’s a day filled with so much learnings from the various talks conducted by experts and networking amongst brands and fellow content creators.  This is a one-day event where businesses, usually startups can meet influencers who can potentially advertise their businesses through blogs, vlogs, and social media pages.  Here are the talks during the event:  Transitioning from Traditional to Digital Media by Cristine Bersola-B