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Back to Business

Thanked God after a few months of our business temporary closure due to typhoon Sendong's devastation, we finally re opened our computer shop last Sunday. Some of our computers units was restored and since our loyal customers are eagerly waiting for us to operate again, we decided to go back into business. It is an advantage for us because our competitors hasn't recovered yet. We also gave up the commercial house where we used to rent with in our i-cafe and decided to put up the internet shop here in our house. This means that we can save money on paying for our rent. Thanks to our family and friends who helped us in recovering our computers. It is a big help for us so we could continue our business and earn a daily income from it.

No Internet Connection

As of writing this post, I am here at the internet cafe. Can you just imagine an i-cafe owner like me went to the other cafe just to go online? We don't have internet for 2 days now and I felt like I'm already out in the world of blogosphere. Ive got lots of pending tasks on paid opportunities and I haven't got the time to update all my blogs. The reason why we don't have connection is because the electrical company here in our area transferred some electrical posts and cut off some trees that hindered those electrical wiring. We don't have electricity the whole day yesterday and when the lights went back last night, our other problem is the internet connection. I just hope that the internet will get back today. Our business is always affected when there's no electricity and no internet connection as well. Plus my extra income online is affected too. Sadness :(

We Need a CCTV Camera!

Our internet shop has been burglarized several times by some unknown thieves here in our place. Even before we transferred here, there were already things which had been stolen from us specially on our pc accessories like headset, speaker and mouse. Just the other day, one of our web cams from our client pc's was stolen. We can't trace up who stole it that's why we really need to have a CCTV camera to keep track of the entry and exit of people and to monitor the movements of our customers. I believe it is a helpful security system which can help solve security related requirements in filing cases and conducting investigations. The CCTV cameras can record videos and capture images that can later be helpful in identifying an intruder.  According to the reports,Business owners have reported that theft by employees and customers have nearly been eliminated since the installation of the appropriate hidden night vision cameras, infrared security cameras, or zoo

Competition in our Business

Two months ago,  there's a 2 newly opened internet shop here in our place and this time, another one is building up near in front of our area.The other one was a friend of ours who are just starting and she always ask assistance to my hubby since my hubby is the one who maintained our pc's here.  Our friend serves as the manager because the real owner who finances their i-cafe shop  lives abroad. But the problem is our friend doesn't know much about installing, programming, pc set up and others. It is hard if you don't know how to do it and you just keep on asking on what to do. We told them to hire a technician to set up their pc's. They bought 6 second hand pc units and from what we had experience before, second hand units doesn't last and it is a waste of money since we spend a lot just by buying some damaged parts and it also cost us that much is repairing it. That's why we prefer to buy a brand new one. I think we are more than 10 internet

Computer Scraps

Our storage area here in our house is fully loaded with lots of computer scraps since we started upgrading our pc units from our i-cafe. We have lots of computer monitors, cpu's, hard disks and other pc accessories and I really want to dispose all of these things because it's not functional anymore and its already obsolete.  I had been looking for a scrap dealer here in our place but I haven't seen yet. Although junk shops buys these scraps but they just have to weigh it and the price will depend on the weight. I asked for the price and its too cheap. Well, I  I  better look and ask for my friends here to help me find a scrap buyer. I really want to get rid on all of these computer junks here.

Bought More PC's for our I-Cafe out from My Hubby's Curtain-Sewing Skills

My daughter smiling and the hard earned money from his father We actually received this huge pile of money last December as payment out from my husband's hard work in sewing huge curtains from a local Mayor's newly built house here. My hubby & my father in-law's finished-made curtains It is actually a rare opportunity and a huge blessings for us because out from my hubby's inherited skills from his father in sewing specially designed personalized curtains, we had able to bought an additional 2 pc units for our internet cafe business. The 2 additional pc units we bought for our internet cafe I am so thankful to God for these marvelous blessings and unmerited favor He had given to us. We are hoping  and praying for more curtains to sew so we could add more pc units for our i-cafe.