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Starlink Is Now Available In The Philippines

  Starlink, the satellite internet service owned by Elon Musk's SpaceX, is now available in the Philippines. Starlink is said to run at 50 to 500 Mbps. It's also said to provide smooth internet connection during instances that it's otherwise unavailable, like in a flight or while at sea. The satellite service's hardware costs P29,320, while subscription fee is at P2,700 monthly. There's also a deposit worth P2,700 upon ordering. The hardware takes about two to three weeks to ship. On its website, Starlink says users may try the satellite service for 30 days and if they're not satisfied, they may return the hardware for a full refund. To order Starlink, head over to its official website , and type in your location to see if it is available. Then you will be redirected to the order page, which will require your Contact Information and Shipping Address. The Starlink app is also available on iOS and Android to help customize settings, receive updates, access Support

Faster Data With More Cell Sites From SMART Is Now in CDO!

Nowadays, most of us are into social media. As a Blogger and Virtual Assistant myself, I could say that my life revolves around the internet specially on social media. And because of this, it is a must have for me to connect myself to the internet. This digital innovations allows me to work for a living and enjoy my passions as well.  As the undisputed leader in mobile, Smart has been at the forefront of developing game-changing digital products and services that have made meaningful impact on the lives of Filipinos everywhere. For us who are living in CDO, what's even more exciting is that Smart has enhanced the network in Cagayan de Oro. The network now has improved data access, additional 3G and LTE cell sites in the area as well as network cluster optimization, subscribers can now enjoy stronger and faster data connection so they can lead digitally-connected lives.  Smart officially launches the "SMART Digifest" which composes a series of activities, games

Smart Bro’s Hottest Deal 4G Pocket WiFi 888 Is Here!

Smart Communication Inc. invited us to join this awesome event as Smart Bro kicks off nationwide tour with the best deal offer of P888 Pocket WiFi here in CDO.    We were joined by the celebrity beauty queens, MJ Lastimosa and Bea Rose Santiago who are certified "BRO-kadas" Smart Bro 4G Pocket WiFi is here and it's now easy to get! Yes, it's easy because it is offered at a very affordable price for only P888!  What's more in store? It is preloaded with 150MB, connect up to 10 devices and it is best paired with SurfMax85. SurfMax 85 gives 2 days of all-day Internet up to 800MB. More on SurfMax here: Yay! Isn't that the hottest deal this summer? #SmartBro888 is indeed a  perfect summer essential to share your memories and  holiday experiences  with your family and friends anytime, anywhere. More information of the product here: ·      Product details: 4G Pocket WiFi

Bursting with Anger on PLDT DSL Service!

Okay I am officially mad this time and I want to rant about PLDT DSL's lousy service. The first few years of our subscription was quite good but when typhoon Sendong hit out place, their service went from bad to worst. A few weeks after Sendong, I went to their office and told them to reconnect our internet. They said I have to wait for a month since their so called optic fiber and main line was completely destroyed from the flood. They have to order the product abroad. So I patiently waited for more than a month. When I saw their technical team roving around our Barangay, I went to their office and asked if the internet is okay now in our place. They said its okay so I requested for a reconnection. I also told them to transfer the line since we moved to our new house. That took them more than a week to transfer.  We officially had our internet connection last week of January. We were just surprised when suddenly we don't have an internet last week of February until today. The

No Internet Connection

One of the main reason why I can't update all my blogs is that I don't have an internet connection yet. Ive been waiting for PLDT MyDSL's connection for more than a month now since their main line here in our place also got damaged from the flood. They said they have to order the so called fiber optic cable abroad and it could take them one month to fully restore their service. Weve transferred from our commercial rented house to our residential house so I asked them to transfer the line to our new address. They already surveyed our place so I do hope that they can reconnect our internet as soon as possible. I have my SMART BRO plug it internet broadband usb but it takes forever before I could get connected to the internet. It has a very slow connection, its intermittent and unstable. I have to go to a place where the 3G connectivity is fast so I ended up going to an internet cafe so I could go online. Its such a hassle for me since I have to go to the city and find an i-c

No Internet Connection

As of writing this post, I am here at the internet cafe. Can you just imagine an i-cafe owner like me went to the other cafe just to go online? We don't have internet for 2 days now and I felt like I'm already out in the world of blogosphere. Ive got lots of pending tasks on paid opportunities and I haven't got the time to update all my blogs. The reason why we don't have connection is because the electrical company here in our area transferred some electrical posts and cut off some trees that hindered those electrical wiring. We don't have electricity the whole day yesterday and when the lights went back last night, our other problem is the internet connection. I just hope that the internet will get back today. Our business is always affected when there's no electricity and no internet connection as well. Plus my extra income online is affected too. Sadness :(

Sharing a USB 3G Dongle Internet Connection

One of the main reasons why I couldn't update my blogs everyday is because I can't use my laptop since my mom is also using it. I have subscribed to Smart Bro's post paid 3G plug-it USB so I can have an unlimited internet connection. It's really a big help for me and I'm glad that the 3G signal and connectivity is fast here at the beach where we always choose to stay every time my mom spends her holiday. However, since my mom always wants to go online everyday, I can't use my laptop often that's why I find it hard to check out my blogs and update it. I also have alot of things to do offline while I am still on my vacation mode with my mom. So hubby and I tried to do something on how I can still get connected to the internet. We have thought of sharing this USB 3G plug-it from Smartbro using my new laptop (the one which my mom is currently using with) and my old laptop.  Hubby tried to enable the internet connection sharing through network connections with