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Sydelle's First Day in School

  My daughter Sydelle's first day in school as Kinder 2 (K2) was a fun filled experience for both of us. We wake up early in the morning since her class will start at 7:30 am. When we arrived at the school and went to her classroom, her teacher greeted us and welcomed her to their room. While they are still waiting for their other classmates, the teacher allowed the kids to play at their playhouse while others played some toys.  We were also advised by the teacher to leave our kids and just wait outside so they could spend some time to socialize and go along with each other. We the parents waited outside but we all feel unease since we want to check out how our child is doing. We keep on looking at their window glass door to see if their okay. They looked behave in this photo 'coz its their snack time LOL! but after a few minutes, someone already cried because he wants to go out and he's been looking for his mom.  My daughter even had a fight because her classmate

Summer Ends, Classes Starts

Summer here in the Philippines has ended. Yay! I'm gonna be missing the beach, the sand and the beautiful views during summer. Today is the first day of June 2012 and I could see the gloomy sky above with scattered rain showers in it. Rainy season is coming to town and aside from that, classes will start next week.  I am actually excited for my daughter since its her first year in school. She will be in kindergarten and everything is new for her but I hope that later on, she will get along with her classmates and she would cooperate with her teacher. Now I have to change my daily time routine since her class will start from 7:30 am. I'm actually not get used to wake up early but this time I have to since I will accompany her to school.

Officially Enrolled

My daughter is officially enrolled at Cagayan de Oro College - Phinma Education Network. She will be in Kinder 2 (K2) this school year. This is actually her first time to go to school. She did not went to Nursery and Kinder 1. She was immediately accelerated to Kinder 2 because of her age. She will turn 5 years old this coming July.  I'm quite worried about my daughter since everything is new to her. However, I am thankful she already knows the basic abc's, shapes, colors, animals and she write,read and pronounce the words. She can easily catch up and memorize all the things that are being taught. I just hope that she will enjoy learning and she could get along with her teacher and classmates as well.

Homeschooling for my Daughter?

My daughter will be going to school next month. This is her first year in kindergarten. Sending her school does come with its fair share of emotions, for both of us. For my daughter, entering a new preschool environment filled with unfamiliar teachers and kids can cause both anxiety and anticipation. We as parents might have mixed emotions about whether our child is ready for kindergarten. But I think I just need to be more comfortable and more calm to send my child to school.  On the other hand, Ive heard of homeschooling from my fellow Mommy bloggers who already had an experience of homeschooling their kids. One of my Mommy blogger friend is Mommy Chris of The Mommy Journey . She said that she have been homeschooling for 2 years now and it has been good for them. I asked her about her experience since I got curious about homeschooling.I might let my daughter be home schooled if she's not comfortable in learning at the school. Mommy Chris told me that it requires comm