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My Own Version of Songs

Me and my hubby had made a recording a few months ago on some of the Christian songs that I love to sing. My hubby is the one who plays the acoustic guitar while I am on the vocals.We just recorded it using a karaoke and a cassette tape. My hubby uses a converter to transfer our record from cassette tape to pc. I just came up of an idea to post this record of ours here in blogger because I was actually looking for some jobs in Get A Freelancer Site and I saw a job where a composer needs a singer to sing his 5 composed songs and upload it in youtube. I got interested so I bid on the job. He wants me to send some sample of songs where I am the one who sung it. I hope this sample songs of mine will be accepted. Who knows? ;-) DEEPLY IN LOVE ni KAREN PO - Hillsong United DEEPLY IN LOVE LYRICS In my life You`ve heard me say I love you How do I show you it`s true hear my heart, it longs for more of you.. I`ve fallen deeply in love with you.. You have stolen my heart I`m captivated by you