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The Secret in Winning Contests Online

If you are a follower and a regular visitor of my blog, you would noticed that I posted lots of blog contest and give aways here. Why? Because I am fond of joining contests online . Some of my blogger friends  told me that I am lucky  enough because I always win. Well, actually not at all times. I won some but I also lose some.  There were some of my mommy friends who are very lucky enough every time they join some contests because they always win. I just wish I could be like them. I actually asked one of my mommy friend from Facebook who just won several times in different contests about her secret why she always win.  She told me that the secret is you just have to keep on joining and joining. Enter contest regularly, and don't lose patience. The secret in winning is patience, perseverance, and must have a positive attitude. Especially when you've never won a prize, it can seem like a waste of time if you don't win as quickly as you'd hoped. Sometimes, people win

A Good Eater

I am so thankful to God because unlike many other kids, she is not a picky eater. She eat almost anything and she wants to try out something new to her taste. I have no problems in feeding her. And until today, even if she eats rice and viand, she still loves to drink milk. Sometimes she prefers to eat only rice and she still loves to eat with a little soy sauce in it. She loves eating veggies too like string beans, cabbage, potatoes, etc. and she's also a fruit lover. Some of her favorites are banana, apple and papaya. Would you also believe that she loves taking syrup medicines too? I know most kids doesn't like taking medicines because of its bitter-sweet medicine taste but she's really the opposite since she loves it and she even wants some more. She even want me to let her take her left medicine even if she's not sick at all. To those mommies who are struggling on their Picky eater child, you can consider giving your child a daily vitamin if you think he/she

My Simple Tips on How to Look Slimmer in Photos

If you have noticed that most of my self captured photo shots are like this where I usually lift my hands and the angle of my camera is facing down on me, well this is my secret where I look slimmer in photos. hahaha! Now its finally revealed. As you can see I was seating down and my bulging tummy is visible. However, it doesn't look so bulgy since I wear a colorful printed blouse where I don't look fat that much.  Same thing also when I stand up, I do this kind of position and angle from the camera because its effective in making me look slimmer, do you agree with me?  When I am being captured, I usually placed my hands on my hips so that my huge and flabby arms is not so visible. When I am wearing a dress, I also used a huge belt so that my waist and hips can still be emphasize. You also have to stand sideways to the camera. Don't just stand direct but try to make an angle. The sideways position will make you appear slimmer than the frontal look.  Cover