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Reach your Travel Goals with PayMaya's All-Expense Paid Trip for Two!

Paying with PayMaya will take you places as the country’s pioneer and leader in digital payments once again rewards customers with a chance to experience global travel destinations in the PayMaya Travel Blowout, running from February 1 to May 31, 2018. For each month from February to May, one lucky PayMaya account holder will win a five-day trip for two to each of the featured destinations, namely Taiwan in February, South ​Korea in March, Japan in April, and Maldives in May.   The prize includes roundtrip airfare and accommodation for two, and Php50,000 in PayMaya credits to shop, dine, and explore with the convenience of going cashless. Each trip is also complete with tours and a well-curated itinerary so winners can just pack their bags and enjoy the best of what the country has to offer. There are many ways to join the promo. Account holders can do any of the following to earn one raffle entry: register a PayMaya account, purchase and activate a PayMaya phys

Linux vs Windows Based POS Systems

Whenever one watches an old movie when people get off their cars to fill gas at gas stations or at convenience stores, they can see bills and purchases being made at the cash register devices, but in today’s technological advanced and competitive world, where data and information is worth billions because it helps businesses to analyze and gain any competitive advantage over other competitors, thus significantly improving their chances of success, POS systems forms the backbones of any business today.  Not only they print invoice and make error free bills at super fast speeds, but they also allow businesses to collect real time information of sales and purchases made by their customers, help track inventory and stock of thousands of products across various warehouses and retail stores, and to analyze the market trends providing solutions that help in business growth and reducing wastage. In today’s online insecure environment where hackers are trying to exploit any loos

My First Google Adsense Payment

Finally after more than a year of waiting to reach the minimum $100 payout, I  received my very first payment from Google Adsense. Woohoo! I was so happy of course since this is my first time to received payment from Google. I was able to withdraw my money through Western Union quick cash payment. It took me more than a year to reach it since my earnings came here in my main blog from blogger. My traffic here was very low so it resulted in poor page views and a poor amount of clicks. Well, I actually don't expect of high earnings since I don't know yet how to earn huge amount of money from Google Adsense unlike other bloggers who are earning around $3000 a month. Whoa! I think I have to learn more about the tips and tricks on how they were able to earn  it. Anyway,  so how about you guys?  did you also receive payment from Google Adsense? If so, how long did it take  you to reach the payout stage?

My Payment Proofs from Paid Opps

I greatly thanked God for all the blessings He had given me these days specially on all those successive payments that I recently received from Paid to Blog sites that Ive joined. I consider these as my Christmas Bonus! Yippee! Now I can buy some special gifts for my loved ones, for my extended family , for my godchildren and for our fellow church members. I am happy and contended of what I have right now. So this time, I want to share my blessings to others. That's what Christmas is all about right? ^_^  Anyway, here are my payment proofs:  5th payment from Blogsvertise 10th payment from Inpostlinks My one time payment from Sponsored Reviews  My first and last payment from Social Spark V1

My First and Last Payment from Social Spark V1

My special thanks to Mommy Kat of Mom’s Place because if not with her post about her payment received from Social Spark V1, I would not be able to cash out my earnings too. I never know that SocialSpark v1 has officially been retired and it was replaced by the new SocialSpark v2. I'm glad that Social Spark V1 has been releasing funds to all their members, even if the earnings did not reach the minimum payout amount which is $50.00. I have $32.50 in my account so I immediately sent a message to their customer support yesterday requesting for my cash out and voila! I received it today. Wow! that was fast! It was actually my first and my last payment. I only receive few opportunities that's why it took me months to earn some money from them. Well, I hope that the new version of Social Spark will offer more paid opportunities for me. :) Thanks again Mommy Kat for the info and to Social Spark!