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Black Fashion

Nothing beats the elegance, sophistication, beauty, formality and style of wearing a sexy black dress, right? Just take a look at the photo above of my sister (second from the left) together with her girl friends. Black color of fashion is indeed a natural classic color that never goes out of style.  I'm linking this entry for this week's Photohunt Fashion.

We Stand Together

We stand together in prayer And we stand together with our hearts joined as one as we give thanks and praises to God for all He has done.  God brings forth beautiful, spontaneous worship and when blended with prayer, it becomes a powerful weapon of His glory. PhotoHunt - "Standing"

Young Men

Here are some of our energetic and young men from our church. We are so thankful to God because they are all active in doing God's work. They used their talent and skills such as playing guitar, drums and even do the back up singing for our Praise and Worship service. I know God will surely reward them for they are doing what is good His glory and honor.  This is my Male entry for this week's theme from Photo Hunt . Happy Weekend Guys!

Always Her Birthday

The subject for this week's Photohunt is “Funny”   and I want to share with you guys some funny photos of my daughter Sydelle where she's always been the apple of the eye when somebody from my family is celebrating his or her birthday. It seems like she's the birthday celebrant because she is the one who blows the candle of every cake.   This was during my birthday. Take a look at her pouting lips while blowing the candle.  It was her Tita / Aunt's Birthday and here she goes again... Happy and excited to blow the candle. And here's a recent photo of her from her Papa's birthday last Wednesday. As usual she is excited to blow the candle and to eat the cake because she thinks that its her birthday again.  ^_^

Orange Fiery Sky

Here's an orange fiery sky I captured from this beach apartment. More of beautiful orange entry only here on Photohunt

PhotoHunt - Hanging

For this weeks subject and theme is all about hanging, so here's mine. We visited a newly furnished house from one of the prominent people here in our city and they have this lovely chandelier from their living room.  Here's another one from the 2nd floor of their house . More of hanging photos only here on Photo Hunters