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So Happy that I Finally Met Some of my Blogger Friends!

I was invited by my sweet and kind blogger friend Ate Grace for their Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving yesterday and I had a blast Sunday in   attending their celebration. Their Blessed Hope Got Talent was the highlight of their program and I was truly entertained and I really enjoyed every performance on each participating Lighthouse churches. It was my first time to finally met Ate Grace in person. She is the author behind these beautiful blogs, Amazing Grace , A Walk to Remember , Gracia Fashionista , and Kid’s Turf.                                                                               Ate Grace, Me and Mhai (my sis in law) with Ate Grace beloved Hubby Pastor John wearing a funny girl costume for their dance presentation                                  with a new blogger friend Christian and my pretty sissy blogger Joahna of What's Inside Joahna's Heart I also met Sis Jackie of God Brought Me Here For A Reason and met some new blogger friends Che and Nel

PBW - Baby Dedication

This is my first time to Join Pixel Bug Weekend and for this week I am sharing our recent photos earlier from our church when we dedicated a baby to the Lord. Together with the parents of Baby Sophia and her God parents Celebration...Food...Fun! from left: Mhai ( lady ), Fhaye ( preggy ), Barbie ( Hot Momma ),  Me ( nevermind! LOL )