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The First DIY Korean Ramyeon Resto in Cagayan de Oro: Nuda CDO

  What's New in CDO?  The First DIY Korean Ramyeon Resto in Cagayan de Oro: Nuda CDO This is conveniently located at Corrales Avenue, near Xavier University Gym.  The concept of Nuda CDO is simple: you get to choose your own ramyeon base, toppings, and sauces. There are a variety of options to choose from, so you're sure to find something you like. Once you've chosen your ingredients, you take them to the cooking station and cook your ramyeon to your liking. The staff is always happy to help you if you need it. Fun Fact:  This is actually owned by our very own Kagay-anon singer/songwriter, TJ Monterde. :)  Nuda CDO also has a variety of beverages and sides to choose from. So whether you're looking for a quick and easy meal or a fun dining experience, Nuda CDO is the perfect place for you. Here are some of the things you can expect at Nuda CDO: ✅ A wide variety of ramyeon bases, including classic, spicy, and seafood. ✅ A toppings bar with everything you need to customize

A New Favorite Grilling Restaurant is Now in CDO! It's PAPSY’S BBQ!

A new favorite grilling restaurant is now in CDO! It's PAPSY’S BBQ. With its signature Papsy’s Paa and Papsy’s Pecho, it is indeed tasty and affordable. Papsy’s is from the makers of Jo’s Chicken Inato, one of Cagayan de Oro’s pioneering restaurants offering grilled chicken.  Papsy’s BBQ is conveniently located along Pabayo-Tirso Neri Sts in Divisoria making it more accessible. It is right beside Gold Crest Marketing.  On their menu, they also have Burger Steak, Grilled Tanguige, and soup dish like Manok sa Buko, Chicken Tinola, Sinigang Hipon, Bangus and a variety of sizzling and grilled food.  Here's some of their menus that we've ordered:  Feeling hungry now? Go visit them today! :)

Celebrating My Birthday at High Ridge: The Ultimate View From The Top

I had a blast on my birthday when I celebrated it together with my family at High Ridge restaurant. It was a simple dinner but its very memorable for me since my family and I really enjoyed the night while we were there.    High Ridge has an entrance fee of P100/pax but it is consumable on food and drinks. The ambiance of the place is so nice specially when you go there during night time. What makes this restaurant so popular and a must visit place is because of the overlooking view of the city which is very nice indeed!    Sitting at the veranda is an advantage to see the greater panoramic view of Cagayan de Oro City before sunset and the glittering sea of city lights at night. It's a wonderful place to be for business meeting, family or friends dinner.   for our dinner we ordered this Fiesta Platter and also Sinuglaw, Calamares, Marinated Pork Tenderloin, Brocolli & Cheese Soup    With regards to the food, I can say that its average. It's

Explore Asian Flavors at Ah Fong Asian Cuisine

  Ah Fong, a new dining experience in Cagayan de Oro City has so far gained some good reviews from those who have tried some of its Asian cuisine and I am one of them! Yes, it was my first time to dine in at Ah Fong Asian Cuisine when we had our General Members Meeting and Induction of Newly Elected Officers from our group, The CDO Bloggers. We are so thankful of Ah Fong for accommodating us and for providing the foods for us.      Ah Fong owner, Miss Nelia Lee  Located at the Ground Level of Grand Central along Hayes Street, it is owned by Nelia Lee. The place is clean with a touch of fine architecture and modern interior design and of course the delectable Asian cuisine. Ah Fong Asian Cuisine just opened last August 2014 but has gained momentum in the number of customers it has served with good food and family-like experience. Topped with delicious and exquisite food choices, the newly-opened restaurant is true to its name. Ah Fong makes sure that the total ambian

Jollibee's 100th Store in Mindanao Opens in CDO

Ribbon Cutting & Inauguration of the store  JOLLIBEE Foods Corporation has finally opened here in the City of Golden Friendship its 100th store in Mindanao store last August 26, 2014. It is also the 17th branch here in CDO and the 5th Drive Thru store as well. Their newly-opened store is located at Kalambagohan-Velez St., beside Polymedic Hospital. Kagay-anons are once again delighted to enjoy their favorite "Langhap Meals" from Jollibee where the fast food chain is located right at the city proper.  a burger toast with my fellow CDO Bloggers  Aside from its food, the unique sense of nostalgic moments the franchise offers is its key selling point among Filipinos not only in the city, but also worldwide. One could instantly feel the wave of comfort and familiarity with families eating side by side and enjoying their food when you enter the restaurant’s doors. A bite of their famous Chickenjoy,yum burger, jolly fries,jolly hotdog as well jolly spaghetti and pa