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S&R CDO Members Treat is Back!

Calling all S&R members!  Here's a great news for you! :)  S&R CDO will hold its Members Treat. This means lots of buy 1, take 1 offers and up to 50% discount offers as well. Whoa! Isn't that exciting? Members’ Treat will be start on September 30 to October 2, 2016. Yes, so you better mark your calendars now and take note of the said dates for BIG savings! S&R Membership Shopping is open daily from 8am – 9pm.

Looking for Coupons and Deals?

Do you use coupons when you're out shopping for grocery, clothing and other things? That's great! because you can really save money by using these local coupons. You should even try to use more of them if that's possible, and that's probably possible since most grocery stores and also some other shops offer coupons to their loyal customers. An easy way to find coupons is by visiting coupon and deals websites.  If you are looking for hot deals, coupon code promotions, local grocery coupons on shopping items and electronic gadgets, then you should definitely visit daily deals today because their site is updated on a daily basis. There are hand picked hot deals to save you money. It provides services for consumers like us by providing a wide variety of coupons which can help save money and time. So why don't you check it out now and start shopping while saving!

Save Money Using Coupon Promo Codes

Internet sales has become a big market for several years because of the convenience of shopping that we get right from the comfort of our own home. Sales that are exclusive to the internet are more common, and they are some of the best sales you can find. There are many promo codes online for deals that you can get when you make your purchase on the internet. If your looking for the lowest prices for flights, hotels and rental cars, you can find the best deals at for Orbitz promotion code where they provide customers with access to the broadest choice of air fares.You can just have to enter that promo code and save big while never having to leave your desk. With these great deals, products and services are only available online and not in your local stores because these are the key codes to savings. If you're looking for Dell laptops that are available in all configurations from lightest weight to the most powerful computing power, make sure to enter Del