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Why We Need to have a Car

I seldom bring my daughter whenever I go out to buy something or when I pay some bills because she is just too picky in riding a public utility vehicles. Since we don't have a car, we just ride on a jeepney or a multicab. But she don't like to ride on it because she feels uncomfortable. She will say "It's too hot!" and said "Taxi lang!". She will just feel the comfort in riding a car when she rides on a taxi. That's why I just wait for her when she falls asleep during the day and that's the time I will hurriedly dress up so I can go out and do my appointment. Because if she's with me, I need to have at least P500 budget because that includes our taxi fare back and forth plus snacks since she likes to dine out and eat a lot. Whoa! That's why we need to have a car since she will be turning 3 years old next month and she actually wants to go to school already. And its a heavy burden for us when she goes to school where she always want to